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Be it a pomeranian, a german shepherd, a labrador, or a retriever, every dog is special – and so are dog lovers. A dog lover’s entire life revolves around pampering their pet and showering them with unconditional love. 

So, when it comes to gifting something to a dog lover, what could be better than gifts that celebrate dogs? In this article, we have compiled a list of 17 unique and functional gifts for dog lovers. We are sure you would find them fascinating. 

So, with no more delay, let us look at the best gifts for dog lovers! 

Top 17 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers in India  (2024)

1. Sofa Shaped Velvet Bed

Mellifluous Reversible Super Soft Velvet Round Cat Dog Pet Bed (Diameter 61 cms Height 15 cms) (Small, Black Cream)

A gift of comfort is a joy forever! Any dog lover would be highly impressed if you give them a comfy velvet dog bed! This Sofa Shaped Bed is made of velvet, which is very durable. 

It is ultra soft and gentle to touch, so your pet can comfortably snuggle into it during winters as well as summers. The fabric is quite breathable, which makes it suitable for all weathers. 

The best part is that it is lightweight and very easy to clean. 

So, for all those treating their pets like royalty, this sofa shaped velvet bed is one of the best luxury gifts for dogs!

2. Dog Themed Ceramic Cup
Yuki® Printed Cute Puppy Dance Stance Ceramic Coffee Mug Cartoon Mugs Best Gift for Dog Lover Printed Coffee Mug Thank You Mug

Wish to stick to some standard gift ideas? Well, this ceramic cup won’t disappoint you. This white ceramic cup is made of a high quality and long lasting ceramic. It has a cool doggo image printed over it, which is highly durable. 

The cup also has a smooth rim and a big handle design for an easy and firm grip. Along with that, it is also safe to be used in the microwave and dishwasher. This is a very endearing gift that would make any dog lover smile widely! 

3. Customized Pet Tag

Jypr Customized Pet ID Tag Personalize Black Engraved Name Collar Tag for Your Loving Pet Dog, Cat, Puppy, Horse ( Paw Shape Face Tag 2 MM Thick with Tiny paw Charm)

Another very functional gift for a dog lover would be a pet tag for their dog. This customized pet tag has the name of your dog engraved into it with a laser. It is a great way for identification of your dog. 

All you need to do is attach it to your dog’s collar and it will stay intact even with the most active of dogs. If your pet lover friend is constantly scared of losing their dog, then this would be a really cool personalized dog gift. 

4. Laser Engraved 3D Crystal Laser Engraved 3D Photo Crystal | Birthday Gift for Wife for Wife | Valentines Day

If your friend or family member has recently lost their dog pet, here’s a heartwarming gift to sympathize with their pain. You can get a picture of their beloved dog engraved into this 3D crystal, suggesting it would always remain alive in your hearts!

This gift is highly customizable, so you can get a quote or message of your choice engraved below the image as well. It also includes a free light base to illuminate the image inside the crystal. This is one of the most heartfelt memorial gifts for a dog lover.  

5. Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle Toy

PetVogue Dog Puzzle Toy for Dispensing Treats, Pet Toys Game for Training IQ and Slow Feed, Non-Slip Feeder Bowl Designed for Medium-Large Dogs, Cats, 1 Piece

Looking for some cool and unique dog gifts? Check out this treat dispensing dog toy puzzle. This cool toy will add fun to the entire feeding process. It has hidden treats, and the dog has to toggle the pieces to unveil the treats. 

It’s a pretty good toy for improving the IQ and intelligence of a dog. This toy is suitable for medium to large sized dogs and is great for keeping dogs occupied and entertained for long periods! 

6. Dog Pen Stand

TIED RIBBONS Cute Dog Decorative Pen Stand for Gift Office Desk Kids Study Table (11 cm X 9 cm X 11 cm, Multicolor)

If your dog lover friend owns a pug, then this would be the perfect gift idea for them. This dog pen stand features a cute pug with sparkling eyes, holding a bag for storing your pens.

Made of a durable resin, this figurine is hand crafted in India. It has highly realistic details and is ideal for placing on your office desk, study table, living room table, etc. This cute doggo will add a cheerful ambience and improve your mood whenever you look at it! 

7. Dog Bandana

Lana Paws Mom's Adjustable Favourite Child Comfortable Dog Bandana/Scarf/Gifts (Red)

Girls love dressing up their dogs for all special occasions, don’t they? A dog bandana would help them elevate their dog’s style to the next level! 

This cute bandana reads “Mom’s favorite child”, which would really appeal to a dog mom! It is digitally printed over cotton fabric and is easily washable. Along with that, you also get an adjustable strap and a simple buckle system. 

This is an adorable gift for small dogs!

8. Dog Cushion Cover

STITCHNEST Unique Cute French Bulldog and Pug Puppy with monacle, Digital Print Jute Cushion Cover, 16 X 16 inches ( Set of 2 )

If a dog lover is highly passionate about home decor, these cushion covers would be an ideal gift for them. 

These cushion covers featuring adorable dog faces come with a neat stitching and a hidden zipper to easily fill in the cotton or insert the pillow. They are comfortable, durable, and give your home a very luxurious and grand vibe! 

These cushion covers would be ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, couches, chairs, sofas, car seats, etc, and give your home an artistic touch.  

9. Color Changing Dog Silicone Lamp

Mubarek Silicone Nursery Timer Rechargeable Color Changing Portable Night Lights for Kids Dog Animals Toddler Girls/Baby Birthday

Searching for some decorative gift items for dog lovers? Look no further. This dog shaped LED night light is a super cute and heartwarming gift idea. Made of BPA free, washable silicone, this lamp is soft to touch. 

This adorable puppy glowing in the dark can switch between a warm light and 7 rotating colors. Along with a battery life of upto 10 hours, it is really comfortable for carrying. 

This dog lamp is undoubtedly one of the best dog gifts for 2022 and is ideal to gift a female pet parent! 

10. Miniature Dog and Puppy Grooming Box

Captain Zack The Miniature Dog & Puppy Groom Box, Ultimate 7-in-1 Head-to-Paw Grooming Kit | PH Balanced and Paraben-Free

One of the things pet owners love doing is grooming their dogs. Why not give them something that makes their job easier?

This Miniature Grooming Box would be an awesome gift for dogs and puppies. It is a 7-in-1 grooming kit with 4 different kinds of shampoo, a conditioning shampoo, a waterless shampoo, and a paw butter cream. 

All of these products are vegan and cruelty free, making them safe to use. They are gentle on your pet’s skin and hair, and leave their skin soft, shiny, and healthy! Gift this to a pet lover and they will always remember you!

11. Pet Jersey

Ruse Pet Good Boy Jersey No.1 Printed Round Neck Sleeveless Dog Vest Tank T-Shirt/Tees Apparel/Clothes/Tees Gift for Dogs(Red) Small (Apso, Shih Tzu etc.)

Has your friend recently become a pet parent? Then a pet jersey would be a cute and appealing gift. 

This pet jersey is made with a high quality of cotton blend, which gives it a soft and breathable touch. It comes in 7 sizes and is comfortable and easy to wear. This stylish jersey would make your dog look classy and protect it from fleas, mosquitoes, etc. 

This is an ideal gift for small dogs and would look absolutely stunning on them! 

12. Dog Hardcover Notebook

Papboo Dog Dab Hardcover Notebook Diary, (22 X 17.5 cm, 80 GSM, 140 Single Ruled Pages) Journal, Gift…

If you’re out of ideas, this gift would surely be your savior. Made of premium grade paper, this notebook features adorable dogs printed all over it. Along with the fascinating design, the notebook comes with 140 single ruled pages and is a great gift for birthdays and special events. 

This would be a standard gift for any dog lover and they would really appreciate and adore the classy dog themed notebook. 

13. Pet Bowl with Automatic Water Feeder

Simxen Dual Pets Bowls, Detachable Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with Non-Slip No Spill Base, Pets Food Bowl with Automatic Water Feeder for Small Medium Dogs/Cats

No more worrying about your pet anymore while leaving home! Check out this amazing pet bowl with an automatic water feeder. 

It comes with a 2-in-1 feeder where the food bowl is made of stainless steel and the second one is a water bowl. It has a bottle attached to the groove alongside it. All you have to do is place the bottle upside down on the groove and it will automatically dispense water into the bowl by tapping on it. 

This 2-in-1 feeder is easy to clean and is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. If you’re looking for a unique dog gift, this is the one you should try!

14. Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover, Waterproof & Scratch Proof & Nonslip Back Seat Cover, Dog Travel Hammock with Seat Anchors, Machine Washable, Durable, Universal fits All Cars, Pet Cover(Black) (for Hatchback)

Carrying a dog in a car can be a very messy affair. They might end up scratching the car seat with their paws and shedding lots of hair, spoiling the car entirely. Thus, a dog car seat cover would be a very useful gift for a dog lover! 

It is made of PVC with a waterproof, slip-proof, and scratch-proof design. It comes with an effortless installation and can adjust all sizes of dogs ranging from small to large. 

This seat cover perfectly fits the back seats of all standard cars. SUVs, and trucks, pen owners can carry their dogs along with them without worrying about spoiling their vehicle!  

15. Dog Chew Toys Set

UC Evolution BoBo Box Dog Toys | Set of 9 | Gift Box for Puppies and Small Breeds Chew Toys Interactive Toys Durable Rubber and Rope Toys Treat Dispensing Toy Rugby Ball Toy (Green+Pink)

Growing puppies are fond of Chew toys. Thus, this Dog Chew Toy Set is one of the best dog gifts for 2022. It comes with 9 chew toys, which include 2 rubber toys and 7 rope toys. All the toys are made of vibrant and eye-catching colors! 

These are great for small puppies, as it keeps their mouth clean and healthy along with keeping them entertained for hours on end! This toy is made of 100% natural and non toxic rubber. It is also long lasting and easy to clean. 

So, if you’re looking for gifts for a new pet parent, this would be a wonderful gift! 

16. Dog Door Sign for Home

100yellow® Wooden Dog Door Sign For Home | Multicolor | 8x11 Inches

How about showcasing your love for their dog by gifting them an endearing door sign? This multicolored door hanging made of wood has a digitally printed message that reads “A house is not a home without a labrador.” 

It would enhance the beauty of any room, office, kitchen, and living space. This is a super simple, clean, and elegant gift for a pet parent and they will definitely cherish it forever!

17. Leather Dog Collar

Petsup® Dog Leather Collar With Designer Studs,Tan Color-Large

Dogs anyway look so cool, but a collar enhances their style factor by leaps and bounds. If you’re looking for some luxury gifts for dogs, a dog collar would be the perfect fit! 

This dog collar is made of pure leather, which means it is highly durable. Its buckle and studs are of a good quality too. Studded with spike-shaped metal, it will make your dog look super handsome and classy! 

It is also padded from the inside for an added comfort while wearing it. It is suitable for all breeds of dogs.   


Dogs lovers possess undying love for their dogs. Gifting them something that celebrates this love would be the best way to make them feel special. We hope you liked the gift ideas discussed in this article. 

Gift them one of these adorable presents and make their day pawsome! Happy gifting! 🙂

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