Top 17 Best Housewarming Gifts In India (2024) || Practical and Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming is a very special event in India. Moving into a new house or apartment is a blissful moment that signifies the beginning of a new era in a couple’s life. On this auspicious occasion, a couple expects their loved ones to be a part of their happiness. 

But finding gifts for a housewarming ceremony can be scary, especially when you’ve been invited to something like that for the first time. But don’t you worry! We are here with some really refreshing gift ideas to help you out. 

In this article, we are going to share the 17 Best Housewarming Gifts in India. Be it your family members, friends, or colleagues, they all would love these housewarming gifts! 

 17 Best Housewarming Gifts In India

1) Floral Paintings
Indianara 3 Pc Set of Floral Paintings Without Glass 5.2 X 12.5, 9.5 X 12.5, 5.2 X 12.5 Inch

Paintings always add a decorative touch to a home, which is why they are a fantastic gift for a housewarming ceremony. This artistic set of 3 floral paintings comes with a durable frame and pre-installed hooks.  

These floral paintings will surely add a punch of creativity and elegance to their living room, workspace, studio, or office space and they would absolutely love having it!

2) Dream Catcher

Grab Classy Cotton Dream Catcher (4.7 x 13.8 inch, Light Green)

If you wish to explore some unique housewarming gift ideas, you’d definitely love the concept behind a dreamcatcher! 

It is believed that when you hang a dream catcher from your bedroom window, it catches all your bad dreams and negative vibes and helps you sleep peacefully. This gorgeous and artistic dream catcher would elevate the appearance of their living room, bedroom, and office space!

3) Opalware Dinner Set  

Cello Opalware Dazzle Tropical Lagoon Dinner Set, 13Pcs, White

If you don’t want to experiment too much and stick to classic gifts, a dinner set would be just the right choice! This elegant dinner set made of opalware is scratch resistant and fully tempered, making it durable and long lasting. 

It is also thermal resistant, which means you can safely use it in the microwave or refrigerator. The pretty floral design around the edges give it a colorful and dazzling appearance. Overall, this dinner set would surely enhance the beauty of their delicious food even more!

4) Spice Rack

AZZOTE Multipurpose Plastic Big Revolving Spice Rack 16 in 1 / Masala Rack Set/Condiment Set/Spice Container

New homeowners highly appreciate some practical gifts that they can utilize. This beautiful spice rack is one such useful gift for homemakers.

Being lightweight, unbreakable, and scratch resistant, this spice rack can be easily moved around in the kitchen! They can rotate it 360 degrees for easy access and it comes with 16 spice jars which can store a range of spices from salt, sugar, cumin, fennel, mustard seeds, etc. 

5) Mixer-Grinder Blender

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend, 22000 RPM Mixer-Grinder, Blender, SS Blades, 2 Unbreakable Jars, 2 Years Warranty, 400 W-Black, Online Recipe Book by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

The modern generation wholeheartedly appreciates gifts of utility! So, if you’re looking for a housewarming gift for a modern couple, this powerful mixer blender would surely be a super practical gift for new homeowners. 

This powerful NutriBlend Mixer-Grinder and Blender comes with multiple stainless steel blades, which makes it effortless to make juices, chutneys, masalas, shakes, smoothies, etc. It looks quite elegant with flowers printed over it and would add a punch of beauty and style to their kitchen! 

6) Tea Light Candle Holders

The Purple Tree Glass Mosaic Tealight Candle Holder for Diwali Decor, Christmas Decor, Diwali Decoration - Pack of 2

If you really want to leave a mark, you can try giving them some handcrafted gifts. These tea light candle holders would make a good addition to their home decor. Made of Moroccan glass, these candle holders are carefully handcrafted in India. 

When lit up, they glow beautifully giving out a warm and romantic touch to the surroundings. They are ideal for decorating the living room, fireplace, bedside table, etc. 

This would be a very sophisticated gift for special occasions like housewarming, birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali gifts, etc. 

7) Vintage Wall Clock

Vintage Clock Handcrafted Brass Inlay Wooden Clock / 1 Year Warranty / Roman Numerals (VC-1711-12-R)

Wall clocks have always been a timeless gift for all occasions. This vintage wall clock with brass-work is hand crafted by the traditional artisans of Rajasthan. The brass design on the border is highly refined and gives it a vintage feel! 

This pretty wall clock would be a charming addition to their bedroom, kitchen, guest room, or office wall. 

8) Idol of Buddha

Global Grabbers Polyresin Sitting Buddha Idol Statue Showpiece for Home Decor Decoration and Gifting Item , Antique Copper, 1 Piece, 28CM, BS1(ZV)

Housewarming is all about purification of the new home. What better than gifting someone an idol of God to protect them from all evils?

This magnificent idol of Lord Buddha would surely be one of the best housewarming gifts for first homes. Made of high quality polyresin and designed by skilled artisans, it would work as a beautiful show piece in their living room, bedroom, office space, balcony, garden, etc.  

9) Glasses Set

PrimeWorld European 300 ml Aquatic Glasses Set of 6 pcs - Tall Drinking Glasses for- Water, Juice, Colddrink, Mojito, Cocktail, Lead-Free, Perfect for Home, Restaurants and Parties

Looking for a classy and timeless housewarming gift? Go ahead with a set of glasses. 

This 6-piece set of European Aquatic glasses is made of tempered glass, giving it a durable, and shiny appearance even with frequent use. It is ideal for serving drinks, mocktails, juices, or cocktails!

These stylish glasses would be a total stunner in house parties and family gatherings. 

10) Reversible Microfiber Comforter

AmazonBasics Reversible Microfiber Comforter - Full/Queen, Chocolate, Pack of 1

This warm and cozy comforter is one of the best housewarming gifts you can give to a new house owner. It is made of 100% polyester microfiber, which makes it soft and smooth to touch.

 It is also reversible, so either side can be placed up on the bed. This simple comforter would add to the beauty of their new bedroom!  

11) Personalized Moon Lamp

3D EYRANS 7 Colour Personalized Husband Wife Couple Special Non-Rechargeable Photo LED Moon Lamp with Stand (16cm)

Looking for some housewarming gift ideas for couples? How about a personalized gift for them?

We can personalize this pretty rechargeable moon lamp with the couple’s picture. It works as the perfect mood lighting for a bedroom or living room space! The moonlight effect would make the entire room glow and enhance the overall ambience. 

It is an ideal gift for new couples and would certainly make them fall in love all over again!

12) Feng Shui Tortoise

CRAFTAM Feng Shui Tortoise On Glass Plate for Vastu, Best Gift for Career and Good Luck

A tortoise is believed to be a good luck sign in India. This golden tortoise on a glass plate is an ideal gift for home owners beginning their new journey. It is the best way to wish them good luck in their life, health, and career. 

This pretty tortoise would be a charming addition to their living room table and mandir and would bring in happy vibes to their new home!

13)Wooden Coaster Set

Swadeshi Blessings Wooden Octagonal Coffee/ Tea Coasters Set- Handcrafted & Hand-Painted for Kitchen/Table & Home Decor/Dinning/Gifts/Restaurants/Living Room/Coffee Table (Set of 6) (Black + Gift)

For passionate art lovers, this hand-painted wooden coaster set would be a perfect gift. The coasters have ethnic Rajasthani art intricately painted over them, which give them a classic feel.  They are also made of durable and long-lasting material, which means they won’t break as easily.  

This elegant wooden coaster set would bring a classy and artistic vibe to their tea table and dining room, and would surely impress their guests!

14) Air Fryer

Inalsa Air Fryer Crispy Fry-1200W with Smart Rapid Air Technology, Timer Selection and Fully Adjustable Temperature Control, (Black), 2.3 Liters

New homeowners would always appreciate gifts that make their lives easier. And for people who are careful about their health, this 1200 W Air Fryer would be the ideal gift choice. It will help them cook low-fat versions of their favorite food items in a matter of minutes!

Its 2.3 litres large basket makes it convenient to cook for the entire family at once and thus gives a more comfortable and time saving option to the homemakers.

So, if you are looking for some practical housewarming gifts for health-conscious people, this would be the perfect gift!

15)Copper Wind Chime

TIMESETL Wood Coper Wind Chime for Home Bedroom Balcony Garden Etc. for (Decorate Item)

Wind chimes are believed to be symbols of good luck and positivity. This wind chime made of copper has an absolutely adorable design! It produces a melodious chime with the slightest breeze. 

It leaves a positive and long-lasting effect on the mind and the pleasant sound surely improves the mood and helps us relax. 

This wind chime would be perfect for adding an element of beauty and melody to their garden, bedroom, and living room!   

16) Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Nurturing Green Combo of 4 Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Home & Livingroom Decoration in White Fiber Pots (Jade, Philodendron Birkin, Palm & Golden Money Plant)

Nothing better than gifting a new life to a couple moving into a new home, right? This beautiful set of 4 plants includes Jade, Birkin, Palm, and Golden Money plants. 

These plants would not only purify their home atmosphere but also help reduce stress and inspire creativity! The best part is that these plants require little attention and can grow well with little care. 

These indoor plants would undoubtedly make their hall, living space, workspace, bedroom, or balcony appear more interesting and peaceful!

17) Wall Decor Butterflies

Xtore® 12pcs 3D Metallic Finish Home Decor Butterfly with Sticking pad- (Shimmer Silver)(Set of 12)

Butterflies are a symbol of joy, love, and creativity! They can lift up anyone’s mood. This is why butterflies would be a unique housewarming gift idea for new homes. 

Oh no, I’m not talking about real butterflies. Catching them would be a nightmare! I’m talking about these attractive wall-decor butterflies. 

This set of 12 butterflies comes with a double-sided adhesive and magnet on every butterfly, which makes it easy to stick to different surfaces. 

These vibrant butterflies have a glossy finish which gives a premium feel to your living space, kitchen, refrigerator, bedroom, etc. They are available in multiple colors, so you can choose the one you like best for them!


In this article, we looked at 17 Best Housewarming Gifts in India. Our list was a combination of decorative gifts items along with utility gifts. We really hope that you liked these gift ideas. 

Housewarming is an auspicious event for a family. It marks the beginning of a new journey in a couple’s life. With these warm and hearty gifts, you can make this occasion even more memorable for them. Happy gifting! 🙂

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