Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 500 | Wedding Gifts Within Rs 500

Generally, most of the couples wish to have a wedding gift with high quality rather than low or medium quality. Present a creative and unique gift which stands out in the eyes of bride and groom. Always understand the needs and likings of the newly married couple and present the gifts which are useful for them in their new home. If your budget is below or equivalent to Rs.500 then choose the gifts like china, crystal glasses, vases, etc. which are fashionable and looks great for long years. We have researched a list of marriage gifts for friends budget rs 500 which helps you get the best gift and the best part is you can buy the gifts online.

Are you planning to present a gift to your beloved friend who is about to get married soon?

If it is yes, then we are here for you to provide a list of Marriage Gifts for friends which are long-lasting and within your budget.

Just have a glance at our products and select the suitable gift for your friend on the occasion of marriage.

Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 500


1) Personalised Photo Calendar

The calendar is for 12 months, and you should have 12 wonderful photos of the married couple for having a personalized calendar. This is the lovable marriage gifts for couple in India as it will increase the affection between you and your friend.

Price of this product is Around Rs.500 and it is worthy as you can have your beautiful pictures on the calendar.

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2) Wooden Photo Album

A creative gift for couples to make a scrapbooking photo album which has double-sided paper and black in color. You can write anything by pasting the photos and it consists of 30 pages.  It is made of wooden cover material and binding with the help of wire.

It is a special marriage gifts for friend as you can keep all the precious memories together and forever.

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3) Wooden Photo Frame – Personalized Gift

A personalized plaque with a metal rod stand which is made of high-quality wooden material. The shape is of the rectangle and it is lightweight. It looks unique as you can upload your friend’s picture with his/her spouse. You can write a quotation of your choice with your handwriting as it touches the heart of your loved ones.

The couple will definitely feel amazed seeing this as it is specially designed for wedding gift within Rs.500.

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4) Personalized Wall Clock:

The perfect gift everyone like to present to their beloved ones is a watch or clock. A clock with your personalized favorite theme of a married couple on the wall décor is a fantastic gift.

Your friend will never forget whenever she/he watches the time. Best marriage gifts for friend as the clock will be working forever and stands as a memorable gift from you.

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5) Fruit Juicer

Juice extractor machine is of high quality which is durable and rust proof. It contains one hand juicer, one juice collector jar, and one pulp collector. The container in this juicer machine is transparent and easy to use.

The perfect Marriage gifts for friends as it is useful to extract any type of juices like fruits and vegetables such as carrot, tomato, apple, orange, lemon, etc. This is one of the best wedding gift within Rs.500 because it says a message to use this and stay healthy.

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6) Glass Set

Ocean solo shot glass is a set of 6 glasses made up of soda lime. These glasses are affordable, stylish and heat resistant. Even it is a glass it is completely hygienic and safe to use which can be used for both household and commercial purposes. They are handy to use every day that makes you remember every time when your friend uses it. You can gift your friend on the occasion of marriage as it can be used to drink water, juices, and cocktails.

It is a worthy gift items for marriage below 500 because it has high quality and durability which is trusted by leading food professionals.

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7) Antique Show Piece – Flying Angel Horse

Flying Angel Horse is an antique piece with an excellent finish that gives your home a royal touch to your home décor. The statue is made of brass and looks awesome. It is available in 2 colors.

It is a great gifting product to present to your friends on their wedding as it is an elegant statue crafted by skilled craftsmen using various techniques. You can clean and safe the memorable statue gifted by your friend with a wet or dry cloth.

Price is too worthy as we expect the price would be more than Rs.500 when we see the statue.

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8) Hourglass Heart Shape Paper Weight

The gift is a different one that is a paperweight from brand Lilone. It looks good and there will be a wheel droplet timer hourglass. It is beautiful with multiple colors in the wheel. It is a double heart shaped on both the sides. You can keep the gift anywhere as per your need.

This is the worthy marriage gifts for friends  for budget Under Rs.500 as it is also colorful in look.

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9) Gramophone Showpiece

Gramophone is the best showpiece which is made up of brass material. It has a versatile design and well-skilled craftsmen work on it by using traditional techniques.

If your friend loves to have antique pieces then this would be the great gift. This can also be decorative even in homes and also at office desks. Gramophone which is a rare gift items for marriage below 500.

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10) Surahi Showpiece

Antique Surahi is beautifully handcrafted made by our skilled artisans of Jaipur. It is made up of pure brass material. Surahi is decorated with colorful gemstones and the color is brass that gives you a royal look to your home décor.

Your price is worthy to buy this marriage gifts for friends and surprise them with this beautiful handcrafted gift.

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We hope you are satisfied with our list of gift items for marriage below Rs.500. If you have any suggestions then feel free to share. We would love to hear about your gift ideas. 🎁

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