Find Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 10000 – Wedding Gifts Under 10000 ₹

Most of the duo desires to have a wedding present with excellent qualities. A present distinctive gift which gains the attention of bride and groom. Consistently perceive the required things of a newly married couple and present the gifts which are required by them in their future use. If your financial estimate is beneath or commensurate to Rs 10000 then pick out the gifts like a watch, fitness band, perfumes, luggage etc which are trendsetting and looks significant for the long period of time. If you want to present a gift for your precious friend who is going to be married shortly, then we are providing you an inventory of marriage gifts for friend budget rs 10000 which are within your financial estimate and they are enduring too. Have a quick look at our products and pick out the gift for your friend‘s wedding ceremony.


Top 10 Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 10000


1.  Suitcase Set of 3


Giving suitcases are the perfect gifts for the wedding. It’s one of those gifts which will be remembered for the long period of time and the gift which will get used and not just a showpiece. Gift your friend a set of a suitcase for their newly married life.

You can gift someone an amazon basics softcase sutitcase which is having the softside spinner set which is ideal for trips of any duration. Its Softside design is so flexible that it can fit in the fit spaces also. It is having the Fabric lining for protection from snags. It is having the 3 zippered pockets for storing smaller items This product is expandable for up to 25% packing capacity.

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2. Amazon Echo Speaker

Gift your friends something new, modern and cool. This is a smart speaker which will be loved by all members of family. Smart speaker is one of the best gifts under the budget of 10000 rs. This gift looks good and sounds awesome. 👍

Amazon Echo is speaker that you can control by using your voice. It connects with the help of Bluetooth and provide you the wireless medium. It is having powerful speakers that fill the room with excellent voice and base. You can also ask the name of the song or the artist and the device will automatically present that song. Using multi-room music, you can play the music on the multiple echos at the same time at a particular room. Call or message can also done from these speakers easily. These speakers are one of the best gifts for marriage function as they can make the environment more suitable.

Price of this product is well under Rs 10000 and will fit your budget. If you can extend your budget then you can also go for echo spot.

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3. Oven Toaster Grill

One of the essential item in the kitchen is a microwave oven. You can gift this item on a marriage to your friend and help them redesign their kitchen with the new items. You can buy it under 10000 and gift your friend a huge gift for the huge day of their life – MARRIAGE 👰

This microwave owen is having a capacity of 32 litres and it is suitable for 4-5 people.  Its cooking capability is very good. It can also perform the important features like Baking, Grilling, toasting.  It provides the warranty of 1 year. It consumes the power up to 1500W. It includes Oven toaster grill, Enamel baking tray, Cooking rack, Crumb tray, Extra bracket, Holding rack, Turnspit, Operating instruction, Recipe booklet, Warranty card and Service centre list This product is refundable within 10 days of delivery.

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4. Philips Air Purifier

Gift your friends an air purifier and help them live a healthy life. As we know that pollution has risen so much over the last few years that Air purifiers are must now to live a healthy life. If your friend is getting married then gift them an Air purifier which they will use every day. These type of gifts shows how much you care for them. 😘

The philips air purifier is having High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) purification method. It covers 677 sq. ft. / 63 sq. meters area and specially suitable for bedrooms It is having the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of  270 m3/hr . It consumes power from 11 to 50 watts. It provides warranty of 2 years on this product. Philips is the No. 1 Brand in Air Purifiers in India. These air purifier are the best Indian wedding gifts for friends to make their whole home healthy and comfortable.

Price of the product is under 10000 Rs. It can make your home more fresh with its cooling technology.

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5. Digital Photo Frame

If you want to gift something modern and attractive to your friends then a Digital Photo Frame can be the best option under 10000 rs. A digital photo frame is different from a traditional photo frame and is a perfect eye catcher.

This photo frame have features of Photo & 720p HD Video Playback. It can capture Mix photos and video in the same animation. The product is having 1024×768 High Resolution . It also have LED Display.  It also have the Hu-Motion Sensor which Turns on when you enter the room and automatically goes off when goes out off room. This product also support the USB & SD/SDHC Card. You have to Plug and play after connecting the peripheral devices to it.

It can also capture the beautiful pictures of the couple as their beautiful memory.

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6. Bread Maker 🍞


Bread Maker 🍞 can be a good gift choice under 1000rs if you want to give them something unique but still productive. Bread Maker can help your friend make his/her own healthy breads and cakes with ease. The couple will enjoy this gift.

This product is having a stainless-steel body with buttons and the LCD dispose at top of it.  It includes the 12 basic features in it such as Basic, French, Whole Wheat, Quick, Sweet, Ultra-Fast, no-Gluten, Dough, Jam, Cake, Bake; Home Made. It is having Loaf size options up to 1.5lb. It is also having flexible browning control, Light, Medium or Dark. It helps in baking and keeps the food warm to automatic fruit. So these bread makers can be the best marriage gifts for friends under the budget of rs 10000 as it helps to make their food fresh and healthy.

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7. Wall Clock


You can gift your friend an awesome wall clock as a marriage gift to mark their awesome beginning. A 10000rs watch is expensive but it will definitely catch many eyeballs in the room. This is an eye-grabbing gift under 10000.

You can gift a seiko wall clock. The stuff which is used to make this wall clock is of the oak tree. The product is having the wooden case which gives a dashing look to it. The color of the case is dark brown. The color of the dial is cream. The size of the product is 32 *32*5.8cm. On every hour the clock plays a melody alarm and sensible lights also. The clock is having the volume control system also. It can enhance the interior designing of the walls of the home.

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8.Titan Couple Watch



One of the best traditional gifts for marriage is a watch. You can buy a good couple watch for your friend’s marriage under the budget of 10k and give them a gift which they will remember for long.

Titan Watch is having a multicolor layout. The stuff used in this watch is Synthetic. Its case diameter is up to the 4 cm. The dial color of this product is multi-colored. It is having the analog dispose of type. Moreover, the weight of this product is up to 299g. The assurance for this product depends on the manufacturer. Titan watches are one of the best gifts under 10000 rupees to gift someone.

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9. Livpure RO + UV  Water Purifier

Under 10000 Rs you can gift your friends a safe and healthy lifestyle with a good water purifier. If you want to gift them something which is of high utility and they use it everyday then you can gift them a water purifier.

The proportion of this Livpure water purifier is 32*28*52.5cm. The weight of this purifier is up to 7 kg. It stores up to 7 liters. It can work in the truancy of electricity. It contains the advanced filtration system. The water in this system gets out filtered with the 6 steps which can make the water utterly free from the adulteration.

 This product is having no delivery charges. Having good water can make your body physically fit.

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10. LG (22 inches) HD LED TV

Its trade name is LG. This LED TV is having weight up to 4.39kg. The dimension of this product is 50.8*3.3*31.6cm. This model uses the LED dispose of technology. It’s having the aspect ratio up to 16:9. Its dispose intention is up to the 720p. This HD LED TV model to imbibe up to the 0.3 watts. It underpins 1 USB and HDMI. The team of LG also provide you the assurance up to the 1 year. This TV is one of the best marriage gifts for friends budget rs 10000 among the others.

You can gift a TV to your dear ones under 10000 which they can put in their bedroom and enjoy the awesome tv shows. As an add-on, you can also gift them an Amazon Fire Stick which they can attach and browse internet from their awesome wedding gift.

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We hope that you are satisfied with our inventory of gifts for marriage gifts for friends budget Rs.10000.


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