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Best 17 Gifts For Mom To Be in India (2024) || Perfect Gifts For Baby Shower

Pregnancy is the most memorable phase of a woman’s life. She goes through unbearable pains and discomforts to bring a new life into this world! Don’t you think this moment truly deserves to be celebrated with a thoughtful gift?

But have you thought about gifts for a pregnant couple? This might confuse most people, but not anymore! In this article, we present the 17 Best and Unique Gifts for Moms to Be. The gifts in our list are a perfect blend of decorative items and useful ones.

So, let’s find the best gifts for a soon-to-be mom. 

Best 17 Gifts For Mom To Be in India

1. Microfiber Pregnancy Pillow

Kuber Industries Microfiber 50TC Body Pillow with Zippered Cover, Standard, Grey, 1 Piece

During pregnancy, a woman needs extra care and comfort. This pregnancy pillow would, thus, be an ideal gift for those times.

Made of premium quality fabric, this pillow feels super soft and comfortable. It is also flexibly designed like a C, which offers enhanced support to the belly and vertebrae.

Along with it, it is also quite long, so you can easily rest your head on one end and your lower body on the other!

It is available in 3 premium and elegant colors – Gray, Black, and Navy Blue. This would be one of the most valuable gifts for your pregnant sister, wife, friend, or a family member. 

2. Pregnant Wife Couple Caricature

Foto Factory Gifts Personalized Gift Caricature Pregnant Wife Couple Cutout Standee Customised Gift (Wooden_9 inch, x 5 inch_Multicolour) CA0116

Looking for a special gift for your pregnant wife? Well, there’s literally no better gift than this couple caricature. It is an adorable couple cut-out made of good quality wood. The picture colors are quite vivid and don’t fade away with time. 

This would be a cute and fun gift for your pregnant wife and would increase your love and bonding with each other. This caricature would enhance the beauty of your home, bedroom, living space, or workspace. 

3. Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: 2nd Edition: Fully Revised and Updated

A woman stepping into motherhood for the best time might have a lot of unanswered questions, doubts, fears, and confusions. To untangle all these mental confusions, this guide on pregnancy would be the right solution.  

This illustrated manual has all the detailed information about pregnancy symptoms, prenatal care, fertility, childbirth, and more. 

It also has a 40-week pregnancy calendar that the mother can use to track the changes they’ve undergone over the months. 

Overall, this is a very insightful and educational guide and undoubtedly one of the best pregnancy gifts for a first time mom.  

4. Sleeping Mask with Cooling Gel

Jenna Sleep Eye Mask with cooling gel for Men Women, Night Sleeping Mask & Blindfold, Block Out Light, Soft Comfort Eye Shade Cover for Travel Nap (Pink)

A woman goes through a lot of changes during her pregnancy. For the good health of her baby, she needs sufficient sleep and relaxation time. A sleeping mask would be her savior during these times! 

This sleeping mask comes with an adjustable elastic band that doesn’t tangle your hair. It also has a wider eye space, so you won’t feel any pressure on your eyes and face while wearing it. 

It is comfortable and soft and also has a cooling gel mask that would provide additional comfort to the eyes. Overall, this is a valuable gift for a pregnant lady!

5. Pregnancy Gift Basket

The Moms Co. All-Natural Complete Care Pregnancy Gift Box, 4-Piece Pregnancy Gift Set, Including Australian Certified Toxin-Free Body Butter & Belly Stretch Mark Oil

If you’re confused and can’t choose the right gift, this Pregnancy Gift Basket is just the perfect gift idea! It comes with all the ingredients to help an expecting mom relax and have some me-time! 

The fragrant body wash would help her feel refreshed and energized. The foot cream and body butter would moisturize her body and make it super soft. And finally, the stretch mark oil will help comfort her stretching belly! 

This Pregnancy Gift Basket in India is a good choice for a first-time mom and can be gifted on baby showers, etc. 

6. Reversible Microfiber Comforter

Divine Casa Microfibre All-Weather Abstract Printed Reversible Single Bed Comforter Blanket Light Weight Quilt Duvet, Navy Blue & White

Another wonderful gift idea for an expecting mother would be a comforter! This reversible comforter made of microfiber is lightweight, cozy, and super soft to touch. 

It’s ideal for all weathers, as well as for AC and traveling. It is also available in a range of colors. So you can choose the one that she would love!

A woman needs a sound sleep during her pregnancy and this comforter would surely be the best gift for a complete relaxation.  

7. Essential Oils Gift Set

Precious Aromas Essential Oil Lavender Rose Tea Tree Rosemary Jasmine YlangYlang Eucalyptus Mandarin Lemongrass Peppermint lemon citronella Pack of 12

Aromas are believed to have a lot of health benefits. They are beneficial in balancing hormones, reducing stress and anxiety, inducing better sleep, improving skin, nail, and hair health, etc. 

This pack of 12 essential oils is one of the best gifts for an expecting mom. It comprises different fragrant scents, like Rosemary, Tea Tree, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, and many more. 

It can be used in humidifiers, aromatherapy, electric diffusers, with incense sticks, or as a room freshener. These scents will surely help her relax and brighten her mood. Thus, this Essential Oils Set is a beautiful gift for expecting mothers in India.

8. Indoor Fur Slippers

Infispace® Unisex Thick Fur Padded Couple Indoor Slippers (Coral, numeric_5)

Comfort is the first priority during pregnancy. These thick, furry, and adorable slippers would be an ideal gift for a mom-to-be. Its insoles are made of high density fleece and the upper portion of the slipper has a layering of cotton for enhanced comfort. 

These slippers are best for quick walks around the house and are super durable and cute at the same time! A pregnant woman will love the comfort of these slippers. They are also available in 6 colors, so you can get them in her favorite color!

9. Sonogram Picture Frame

VILIGHT New Mom Gifts - Pregnancy Announcements Ideas Baby Nursery Decor - Love At First Heartbeat Sonogram Picture Frame for Standard 4" x 3" Ultrasound Photo

Has your wife recently announced her pregnancy? Well, then, this Sonogram picture frame would be an emotional and heartfelt gift for her. The frame is made of good quality wood and reads “Love at first heartbeat”.

It also has a beautiful three dimensional heart hand-designed using strings, which looks gorgeous. It can be hung on the wall or kept on the table as a photo frame. 

This gift would make any expecting mom feel super special and loved. It is one of the best gifts for pregnancy announcements and baby showers!

10. Mommy to Be Ceramic Mugs

Oye Happy - to-be-Parents Mugs - Best Gift for Expecting Parents/Mom-to-be/Dad-to-be During Pregnancy

Bringing a new life into the world can be emotional for a pregnant couple. These ceramic cups would be a lovely gift to celebrate this special occasion. 

These pretty white cups are made of durable ceramic and have the phrases “Mommy to be” and “Daddy to be” printed over them. They are also safe for microwave and have a capacity of 330 ml. 

This cute set of two mugs would be just the right gift for a pregnant couple. Every cup of coffee would make them smile, thinking of their soon-to-arrive baby!

11. 3D Casting Kit 

Ubrighty 3D Casting Kit for Baby, Hand and Foot Print Molding Clay Powder for Hand and Foot Casting (Molding Powder 350gm, Casting 550gm)

Want to keep your baby’s memories preserved forever? This 3D Casting Kit is one of the most special gifts for a new mom. It comes with a molding powder, casting powder, mixing brush, and a practice kit. 

The molding clay is long lasting and is safe to be used on a baby’s skin. It captures all the fine lines and details so the final mold looks realistic. This is a truly priceless gift for preserving your baby’s tiny hand and footprints for a lifetime! 

12. The First-time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal

The First-Time Mom's Pregnancy Journal: Monthly Checklists, Activities & Journal Prompts

If you’re looking for pregnancy gifts for a first time mom, this Pregnancy Journal would be a wonderful gift! 

It is an interactive and entertaining notebook comprising interesting monthly activities, checklists, and journal prompts. Thus, the expecting mom can keep a note of everything she experiences during her pregnancy period. 

This is such a beautiful way to remember your motherhood and give an outlet to your emotions. 

It also has some fun activities like pondering over baby names and their personality, imagining how your baby would look and drawing their picture, etc. 

13. Newborn Surprise Gift Set

Little Surprise Box - Yellow Sunshine Newborn Hamper Gift Set

Parenthood is a beautiful journey for a couple. This sunshine colored gift box would be a fascinating gift for a mom preparing for her upcoming baby! It comprises 15 essential items for a newborn. 

This includes a onesie, pair of mittens, cap, soft napkins, feeding bib, booties, toys, milestone cards, and more. All these products are of the finest quality and would be treasured by new parents!

14. Mom to Be Pregnancy Necklace

Mom to Be Gift - Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms New Mom Gifts for Women Pregnant Mom Gifts First Time Mom Gift Expecting Mom Gift Mommy to Be Gift Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

Looking for unique gifts for first time moms? This charming necklace would be a heartwarming gift! It features a dainty pendant shaped like a baby’s feet, which looks adorable. 

Made of a high quality of stainless steel, this necklace does not catch rush or get discolored. It is a very warm and endearing present for a baby shower or a birthday gift for an expecting mom.

15. Baby Monk Figurines

Fashion Bizz Set of 4 Baby Monk Hat Buddha Figurines - for Car Dashboard | Home Decor| Office Decor| Gifting for Pregnant Women| Diwali Decor| Vaastu Decor| Fengshui Decorative Showpiece - 6 cm

Buddha is a symbol of harmony, positivity, and good vibes. These adorable baby monk figurines would be an ideal present for an expecting mom and would always make her smile! Made of polyresin, they are quite durable and long lasting. 

They are crafted by skilled artisans in different positions and seem to create a peaceful ambience. These cute little monk figurines would enhance the beauty of your bedroom, living room, office table, or car dashboard.  

16. Home Spa Gift Set

Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Bath Tub Gift Set For Women Combo For Complete Home Spa Experience (Shower Gel, Hand & Body Lotion, Sugar Scrub, Body Polish)

Women tend to feel tired and exhausted during their pregnancy. This home spa gift set would gift them their much needed ‘me time’ and help them feel refreshed in no time!  

This cocoa shea butter spa set comes with a fragrant shower gel, hand and body lotion, sugar scrub, and body polish. These shower essentials will not only bring out her bright and long lasting glow but also hydrate and soften her skin like never before.

This spa gift set would be a premium and luxury gift for expecting mothers and they would surely be overjoyed to receive it. 

17. Neck and Body Massager Cushion

Lifelong LLM369 Cushion Massager and Body Massager with Heat and Strong 8 Deep Kneading nodes for Back, Neck, Shoulders Muscle Pain Relief and Portable Massager (1 Year Warranty, Black)

A woman might experience a lot of body and neck pain during her pregnancy. This Massager Cushion would be an interesting gift for those times. 

This Neck and Body Massager Cushion comes with 4 massage nodes that help loosen tightness in muscles. 

Its Infrared Heating function helps alleviate muscle pain and improves blood circulation in the body. 

For a deep and comfortable massage experience, it also has a velcro strap that can be attached to your chair to secure it in its position. You can easily use it at home, in your bed, office chair, or in your car. 

This is a perfect gift for a full body relaxation and an expecting mom would be grateful to receive such a comforting gift!


Pregnancy is a glorious phase in a woman’s life. You can show your love for them with one of these refreshing and delightful presents. We hope you found these unique pregnancy gifts for first time moms helpful. 

Be it your wife, sister, colleague, or a friend, these lovely presents would make an expecting mother overjoyed. Happy gifting! 🙂

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