Top 10 Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 5000 – Wedding Gifts Under ₹5000

It is an age-old tradition to buy a gift for a friend at his wedding. Attending the marriage function of a friend without a good gift is too terrible a situation to be in. But how do you choose good Indian wedding gifts for friends that won’t create a hole in your pocket? There are lots of choices that you can go through before you decide on marriage gifts for friends. First, you have to fix an affordable budget. Here we make the whole process easier for you by listing out wedding gifts under Rs 5000, which is an economic sum that will let you have a lot to choose from.


Top 10 Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 5000

Find gifts for your friends which is under your budget and makes your gift stand out. You can buy these gifts online from amazon and get it delivered directly to your home.


1. American Tourister Bag (67 Cm)

The American Tourister Check-in luggage of 67cm is something which suits all needs of travelling. It can contain more than 70 litres and is durable. For a married couple who are still to move into their new house, a luggage will be very useful when they actually move. Thus, it makes to the top of the list of things that can be a gift for friend on his wedding.

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2) Air Purifier

Air Purifiers are in trend these days. This can be the perfect gift for friend on his wedding day. 

Air purifiers keep the house clean and fresh all day round. They are small and easy to use and Mai Tain. With this American Micronics HEPA Air Purifier you can clean the room up to 99.7% and it has a carbon filter. It comes at a price of under 5000 rupees and with such benefits that last long. Fresh air means much less diseases and zero pollution inside the house. This makes the Purifier qualify as a great marriage gift for friends.

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3) Digital Photo Frame

Photo frames are always a special gift to newly-wed. They can cherish their wedding pictures and those of their loved ones everyday as it hangs on a wall in their new home. The XElectron Digital Photo Frame has a remote control mechanism which allows you to change the pictures easily. It has a beautiful design which will be a great decorative piece on the walls in addition to being a useful.

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4) American Tourister Bag (77 cm)

If you want to give them a big gift under Rs 5000 then bags are the way to go. You can give this large travel bags as bags are one of the best gifts to give in marriage.

The 77cm Ink Blue Luggage from American Tourister is perfect for a long journey, even the international trips. It can hold a lot in it and is made out of excellent quality materials. It is light weight and easily movable, with 360 degree rotation. This makes for a great check-in luggage even when the newlyweds are going on honeymoon trips. Hence, they will always appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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5) Black + Decker Toaster

Pop-Up toaster are made just to save your time. On a busy morning, as your friends use it to get a good breakfast for themselves amidst the hustle and bustle of the day, they will thank you for having anticipated their needs. The Black+Decker Slice Pop-up Toaster looks good on the counter tops as well as functions great. It has built in timer with four slots for bread. The grey finish gives it a special glow additionally. Thus it counts as one of the best marriage gifts for friends with budget 5000.

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6) Juicer Mixer Grinder

If you are looks for some nice gifts to give in marriage, you should choose Sujata Power artic Mixer Grinders. They come in as extremely useful for those whom you gift it. These Mixer Grinders are highly efficient and has a low maintenance cost. They are very powerful and can grind anything and everything. The sleek design and its well-functioning sets Sujata Mixer Grinders apart from similar products.  They can actually make you a favourite in your friends’ household once they start making yummy chutneys in the Mixer you gifted.

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7) Non-Stick Cookware (Set of 3Pieces)

As marriage gift for friends, Hawkins Anodised Induction set is amazing. It comes as such a necessary equipment in households. They are easy to use and they come in affordable prices. There are sleek designs and convenient sizes so they don’t take up a lot of space while being set up. It is a perfect gift to impress your friends with and earn their love.

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8) Oven Toaster Griller

Toasters come in handy whenever you are running late in the morning and need a quick breakfast. For couples who are just married and have moved into a spearheaded house, this is such an appliance that can be really helpful in hurried situations. The American Micronics Stainless Steel Oven Toaster Griller allows you to do a lot in just one appliance. It is among the many very good wedding gifts under 5000.

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9) Vacuum Cleaner

When you move into a house, it’s a must that you clean it up before occupying it and on a daily basis once you start living in it. For newly-weds who are used to having others take care of them till then, it must be hard to switch all of a sudden. By getting a Karacher Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner as marriage gift for friends, you are helping them out a lot to smoothen the sudden changes in their life. There is no doubt that your friends will love and you will be happy too since it fits your budget well.

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10) Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Cookware (7-Pieces)

A cookware is one of the best gifts to be given to a newly-married couple. They will be moving into a new house most probably and will be in need of utensils most importantly. If you gift them the Hawkins Futura Non-stick set, they are going to love the gift and happy that you kept their needs in mind. With the set comes frying pans and serving bowls which can be used to cook in too.

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These were the top 10 marriage gifts for friends under budget of Rs 5000. We would really like to hear from you if you liked the products and their reviews above. We hope you find the perfect marriage gift for your friend.

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