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Top 17 Best Photo Frame Gift Ideas (2024) || Personalised Photo Frames & Wooden Frames For Gift

Gifts are a beautiful way to brighten the day of your loved ones. Gifts not only bring a wide smile on their faces but also strengthen your relationship with them!

But if you really wish to stand out, personalized gifts might be the way to their hearts! We all love personalized gifts, don’t we? It is not only a symbol of our love and affection, but also shows that we put time and effort into getting that special gift just for them! 

The most widely gifted personalized items are photo frames. So, if you are looking for personalized photo frames for the special people in your life, stick with us till the end. 

In this article, we are going to look at 17 different ‌photo frames ‌you can gift your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions. 

So, with no more ado, let’s look at the best photo frame gift ideas. 

Top 17 Best Photo Frame Gift Ideas

1. Customized Mosaic Photo Frame

PERSONALIZED WORLD Customize mosaic photo frame with mosaic photo (50 photos) ,Wood, Wall Mount,Black

Mosaic art looks quite pleasing to the eyes. But when we apply the same concept to photo frames, their beauty is enhanced multifold!

This customized mosaic photo frame features a dominant image on top of 50 smaller images, which makes it look like a stunning work of art! 

The frame is made of high quality wood, which makes it durable and long lasting. This lovely gift would be ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a simple gesture of love!

2. Personalized Engraved Wooden Photo Frame

GFTBX Best Personalized Engraved Wooden Photo Frame Plaque with Text Engraving Happy Birthday to The Best Dad in The World | Engraved Personalized Gifts | Dad Gift (7x4 inches, Wood)

The most beautiful gifts are engraved in the receiver’s heart, just like this engraved wooden frame! Made of real beech wood, it has a hard and strong appearance. 

You can get your loved one’s photo along with a beautiful quote engraved into the wood. It looks absolutely stunning and is the best photo frame for a birthday gift. 

If you want to give someone a gift of a lifetime, there’s nothing better than this one. It’s ideal for your friend’s birthday, anniversary, etc.  

3. Customized Frame with Name Collage

GiftsWale Happy Birthday Your Pictures and Names Customized Collage Photo Frame | Personalized With 12 Images And Texts | Best Gift For Kids, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife, Friend, Mom And Dad

Personalized gifts always touch people’s hearts. This customized photo frame would be a sincere and affectionate gift for wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Made of engineered wood giving it a sturdy appearance, it features 12 adorable pictures of your spouse, lover, or the receiving couple, along with their names carved beautifully on the side. 

This gift would be the perfect expression of your unconditional love for them, and would surely make their day happier! 

4. Spotify Plaque with Customized Photo and Song

Giftplease Acrylic Customized Photo and song Glass Spotify Plaque with wooden stand | Personalized Photo Music Frame with scannable code (Transparent, Clear , 6 x 9 Inches)

Today’s generation is crazy about music! Be it travel, work, study, or play, they are constantly vibing to their favourite music tracks. 

This trending gift is the best way to win the hearts of those music lovers. This Spotify Plaque made of glass, holds a customized picture of your special someone along with a refreshing song that you can dedicate to them. 

It also has a QR code that they can scan to listen to the song on Spotify. This is a super romantic and emotional gift for birthdays! 

5. Customized Pencil Sketch Photo Frame

FUN2SHH Pencil Sketch Customized Gift Personalised Photo Frame | Customized Gifts for Birthday Customized Photo Frame with Name (10 * 14) , Others , Wall Mount ,Multicolor

Are you searching for photo frames for your best friend? This pencil sketch photo frame would be an artistic gift that would leave them feeling elated! 

The frame is made of high quality MDF coated with matt, giving it a durable and classy appearance. 

It converts your picture into an advanced computerized sketch that looks insanely pretty and your best friend would surely cherish it forever! 

It can be a fantastic gift for your friends’ birthdays and anniversaries and would enhance the overall ambience of their living room, bedroom, or workspace!

6. Personalized Collage Stand with Names and Photos

Unique Stuff Photo Frame Personalized Collage Gift Standee Customized with Your Names & Photos ( 10 x 12 inch )

A gift of memories is never forgotten and always brings joy to the receiver. This personalized collage stand would be an attractive gift for your love or your spouse. 

It is made of wood and comprises a collage of two beautiful images, along with the couple’s names printed on tiny plaques. 

This decorative present would enhance the beauty of their work desk, living room, or bed-side table. It would prove to be an amazing gift for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day!

7. Personalized Wall Clock Photo Frame

Color Splash, Customized, Personalized Wooden Photo Clock with 8 Photos -for Birthday Anniversary to Your Love Ones, Husband, Wife, Mom, Dad, Friends and Family (Multicolor, 11x11inch)

Looking for a gorgeous gift that also has some utility for your special person? Well, this personalized wall clock would be the perfect fit. 

This wall clock frame is made of wood with a refined finish. You can add 6 customized pictures around the clock. This clock full of memories would be a solid addition to their bedroom or living room walls.

It won’t let your loved one forget the time, as well as your undying affection for them!

8. Table Photo Frame

Painting Mantra & Art Street Decoralicious White Designer Circular Motif Photo Frame

If you are looking for a classic gift, this table photo frame would be a pretty good choice. This frame is made up of high quality synthetic wood and holds a lovely picture of your loved ones. 

This would be a bright and artistic addition to the plain walls of their living room or bedside table. It would work as the best birthday photo frame for your friends, family, spouse, boss, and colleagues. 

9. Customized MDF Cutout Photo Frame Stand

Unique Stuff Personalized Gift MDF Cutout Photo Frame Standee Customized Gift with Your Photos (10 x 12 inch)

Nothing can ever beat a gift of golden memories. If you are looking for some unique gifts for your spouse or your lover, this customized cutout photo frame stand would be the best one for sure! 

It is lightweight and made of wood with a great finish. It is ideal for Valentine’s, wedding anniversaries, or birthday gifts and would look pretty on office spaces, or bedroom tables.

10. Photo Collage Frame

WhatsYourPrint Personalised Photo Collage Frames for Wall Decor as Birthday Gifts, Anniversary, Wedding Gifts for Friends, Couples and Parents (Size 13x13 Inches, 13 Photos Black Frame)

Talking about photo frames, how can we forget the classic collage frames? This frame comprises a collage of 13 sweet pictures of your friends or family printed in high quality, which makes it long-lasting and durable. 

You can also choose to display personalized quotes on the middle panel as an expression of your adoration for the person receiving the gift. It is ideal for gifting your parents, relatives, friends, and is one of the best photo frame gift ideas for birthdays! 

11. Photo Frame Set for Wall Decor

Art Street Photo Frame For Wall Set of 10 Black Picture Frames For Home Decoration , Wall Decor EcoSeries -Size -6x8,5x7 Inches

The best way to surround your favourite person with love is to paint their living space with sweet and endearing memories. And nothing does this better than this photo frame set. 

The frames are designed with wood and MDF, giving them a long-lasting finish. The front is made of Plexi glass, which is crystal clear and durable. 

This photo frame set would be a valuable addition to their wall decor and they will surely cherish these memories forever. 

12. Wooden Photo Frame with LED Lights 

VAH Wooden Photo Frame with LED Light - Display Picture Collage Organizer with Clips (Moment Photo Frame with LED Light)

Looking for a special personalized gift for your best friend? This wooden photo frame would be the ideal choice. It spells ‘Moments’ carved in wood with a polished finish. 

It comes with LED lights, hanging cotton rope, colorful wooden clips, and double-sided tape to neatly hang their pictures and make them feel on top of the world! 

This is a beautiful way to decorate their room with their favourite memories without causing any damage to the walls. So, go ahead and gift them this beautiful wooden photo frame for their birthday!

13. Set of 3 Photo Frames for Wall

Art Street Photo Frame For Wall Set of 3 Brown Picture Frame For Home and Office Decoration with Free Hanging Accessories-Size -6.7x30, 5x5 Inches

What better than decorating their walls with colorful memories? This beautiful set of 3 photo frames would add stars to their home decor. 

It is made of high quality synthetic wood, making it unbreakable and hence, long lasting. It can be hung up vertically or horizontally depending on the dimension of your pictures. 

This lovely gift set would surely enhance the overall style and design of their hall, living room, or bedroom walls!

14. Personalized Photo Lamp Frame

Gift Jaipur Personalised Happy Anniversary LED Photo lamp Frame - Perfect for Wife, Husband, Parents (Yellow & Brown, Pack of 1)

Want to preserve and celebrate your beautiful memories forever? Gift them a personalized photo lamp. 

This photo lamp frame holds a timeless picture of you and your favorite person glowing in a warm yellow light. It would be an adorable addition to their bedroom or living room and would always remind them of you!

15. 3D LED Lamp with Personalized Photo

Creative Width Decor Acrylic 3d Led Personalized Lamp, White, Pack of 1

This 3D Lamp made of Acrylic would be an adorable gift for birthdays and wedding anniversaries. It comes with a wooden LED base along with an acrylic frame where you can get the receiver’s photo printed. 

It glows beautifully and keeps the ambience calm and relaxing. This LED photo frame would look super decorative in their hall, living space, or bedroom, and is surely one of the best photo frame gift ideas for anyone special to you.  

16. Personalized Rotating Photo Lamp

ZOCI VOCI Personalized Gift | Photo Lamps for Anniversary & Birthday Gift for Couple Special - LED Photo Frame (Tower Night Lamp (13 Photos))

Can’t decide on a single photo? Check out his Rotating Photo Lamp. Made of acrylic, it lets you add 4 photos on the four sides of the cubic lamp. It has LEDs inside it that glow and make the ambience warm and romantic! 

The pictures are digitally printed and then laminated to keep scratches and dust away. This rotating photo lamp would be a colorful addition to their bedroom or living space and would take them back to the memory lane.

It is an ideal present for newly wed couples, anniversaries, and birthdays. 

17. Laser Engraved 3D Crystal

CrazzyGIFT.com Laser Engraved 3D Crystal (50 x 80 x 50mm, Transparent) for Birthday Gift, Marriage Gift, Valentines Day

Personalized photo frames are special, but gifting someone a personalized 3D crystal would leave them speechless! 

This beautiful crystal is made of the finest material and has super smooth edges that give it a clear and transparent look. It comes with multicolored lights on a rotating base, which makes it look almost angelic! 

This would be a heart touching gift for someone’s birthday, marriage, wedding anniversary, or Valentine’s day. 


Personalized photo frames are one of the most heartwarming gift ideas that leave a lasting impression on the receiver’s memory. It is the best way to make their birthdays or anniversaries more special. 

We hope you liked these interesting and creative gifting ideas. Be it your friend’s birthday, or your cousin’s anniversary, these beautiful gifts will always hold a special space in their hearts. 

Gift them one of these lovely personalized frames and make their day memorable! 🙂

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