Top 10 Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 8000 – Wedding Gifts Under 8000 ₹

Make the most memorable day of the wedding into a remarkable one with the best marriage gifts for friends. A gift is just like a token of love so it should look at its best with all glamour and glitter. A new chapter of life should begin with the best memories and amazing gifts. If you are seeking for marriage gifts for friend budget Rs.8000, then no place is better than us. Here, you will get the best gift for the best couple.

We have the best wedding gifts that every couple would like to get. We have lined up some of our best products that can be presented as a gift to a wedding couple. Take a glimpse at these amazing products and choose the suitable one for the most amazing couple who is about to begin their new life.

Top 10 Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 8000

Find best wedding gifts under rs 8000 and stand out in a crowd.


1) Digital Photo Frame

What would sound better for a newly-wed couple than hearing that now you can keep your memorable pictures in just one frame and that’s too in motion? Yes, this is true. One of the best gifts for a wedding couple in India is this Digital Photo Frame. It is one of the unique items which you can gift it to your friends. Unlike traditional photo frames this is a Digital one which will surely catch many eyeballs. 👀

This photo frame will help the couple in embracing all their memories from the wedding and cheer each moment of that day.

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2) Philip Juicer

One of the most old-school gifted item for marriage below 8000 is a Juicer. Juicer is a must have utility in the Indian kitchen. Gift your friends a Juicer which will help them to get ready for their morning routine with homemade fresh juice.

This product is very easy to operate as it does not require any installation. One can easily extract fresh juice from fruits and vegetables to its last drop. The cleaning of this product takes hardly one minute. The material used in the making of this product is Aluminium. Buy this amazing juicer for the best couple now!

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3) Hard Luggage Suitcase (Set of 3)

One of the best marriage gifts for friend budget under Rs.8000 is Set of 3 Grey Hard Luggage Set. This set of the bags has an attractive look that comes out in its best with grey colour. It consists of 2 compartments and has a great storage volume, telescopic handle and 360 degrees rotating.

For a newly-wed couple, this gift will sound the most relevant one. They can easily move around and can pack their luggage more easily. This gift will definitely help them to travel around the world with ease.

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4) Philips Viva Juicer

A fresh start of the day always needs a glass filled with fresh juice with no added flavours or colours. Likewise, make every morning of a newly-wed couple fresh with juice extracted from the Philips Viva Collection Juicer. This juicer helps in extracting more natural juice for a healthy lifestyle. One can easily clean it within the time span of 1 minute.

Adore the couple with the joy of healthy homemade juice by giving them the best wedding gift around Rs.8000.

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5) Atta and Bread Maker

Let’s make the atta and bread kneading hassle-free for the newly-wed bride by gifting them the most amazing gift that is Atta and Bread Maker. With the help of this product, there is no need to touch the dough with bare hands, that means all hygienic. It will help the bride in easy-made chapattis, pooris, and a variety of bread.

Make the day of the wedding couple more beautiful by gifting them the best wedding gift around Rs.8000.

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6) Philips Food Processor

For a new wedding couple, there are various domestic products that can make their lifestyle easy and convenient. Therefore, if you are looking for the best wedding gifts around Rs.8000 for the Kitchen, then this Philips Food Processor is the best choice to be made.

It is a high-quality product with all the attachments from grinding, liquidising to the grating, atta kneading, chopping and slicing to juicing. This product has a better performance in comparison to others.

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7) Hard-Sided Luggage (Set of 2)

Just like the boldness and beauty of Santorini, this set of trolley/travel/tourist bags is also known for its fearless beauty and firmness. For a newly-wed couple, this gift would sound the most appropriate as it can easily be carried to any place effortlessly.

It is obvious that the wedding couple would be leaving for their honeymoon for sure after marriage. This gift item for marriage below 8000 will help them pack their belongings with ease.

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8) Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A clean and beautiful house is all that we need. This excellent vacuum cleaner will help the new couple in keeping their surrounding clean and aromatic. The most superior thing about this product is that it removes both solid particles and fluids with equal ease. One can easily live in their house conveniently.

Give this sleek design product as a gift for a wedding couple in India below Rs.8000. It’s a gift to be used.

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9) Antique Wall Clock

A marriage gift for a friend in India and that’s too on the auspicious day of the wedding should not be less than anything special. Gift them the Seiko Antique Wall Clock that looks both simple and sophisticated. This wall clock has great qualities like dual chimes, automatic chime silencer, and hourly chimes quarter hour chimes. This product will adorn the walls with the embrace of the house of newly-wed couples.

Buy this product today and make their house more beautiful.

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10) Blender Mixer

Amidst a cluster of blenders and juicers, nothing would sound better than a Hi-Speed Blender Mixer for a newly-wed bride. Get this gift item for marriage below 8000 Rs.

This product has a 600-watt Motor fixed in it. The best part about this product is that it can be easily used and cleaned without many efforts. A healthier lifestyle can easily be maintained as it helps the food turn into a superfood full of nutrition.

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Now, you have the best choices among which you can make one or more for marriage gift for friend budget Rs.8000. Hope you have made a choice of a special gift for the for special couple. ❤️

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