Top 10 Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 2000 – Wedding Gifts Under 2000 ₹

A friend’s wedding is often a joyous day for us, and we wish to gift them with the best of best gifts to mark their special occasion. However, this is often not practical as we live within a limited budget and our financial discipline, responsibilities etc. does not allow us to spend much on gifting, even if its one of the most memorable moments of a friends life.

However, worry not, as a gift is not valued by its price tag but by the sentiment behind it. There are many gifting options which can leave a memorable mark on your friend while allowing you to remain within your budget. Some of the options for wedding gifts under 2000 rupees are mentioned below


Top 10 Marriage Gifts For Friends Budget Rs 2000

Find some standout gifts for your friends wedding which fits under the budget of Rs 2000. Buy these gifts online from Amazon and get it delivered to your home.


1) Customised night lamp

A very good quality wooden customised frame. This is the best wedding gift under 2000. It can be used to embellish the couple’s room. It looks graceful when decorated in the room. It is a worthy gift under the budget of Rs. 2000 because the couple’s name can be imprinted on it and it looks super dope.


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2) Engraved Wooden Photo Frame

It is an innovative marriage gift for friends in India. Maple wood exquisitely expresses the idea of a frame. Your friend will get close to you because she will be happy to see that she can paste pictures on it to capture memories. It is a nice quality photo frame, the heart-warming gift. An absolutely ideal gift to give in marriage. It is a value for money gift.

It can be customised with pictures of your friend and their spouse, highlighting the beautiful journey they shared together which lead to the beautiful day of their marriage, making it the best wedding gifts under 2000 which comes straight from the heart, showing your friend how much they mean to you and your joy seeing them entering the blissful marital life.


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3) Personalized Laser Engraved Crystal

This one is the cutest marriage gift for friends under the budget of Rs. 2000. It is an aesthetic crystal glass and can surely make your friend get fond of you. If your friend adores showpieces she is going to love it and this also gives a sweeter touch to the home decor. An alluring home look is amazing. A delicate and commendable designed glass piece. It is a worthy gift because your friend can get a picture of her with her husband printed on it. This gift will find a place in the bedroom.

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4) Prestige Induction Cooktop

After marriage, life includes some kitchen work and if your friend adores cooking then she is going to love this prestigious smooth cooktop. It is a portable cooktop. Your friend will remember you whenever she cooks. You must really get your friend this tiled, modern cooktop. Hence, it really is worth it because it is the most useful thing at home and has high quality. This will also not take long to clean and a wet cloth will work.

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5)  Coffee Maker

To make the kitchen work easy for your friend this coffee maker is the best. It has stainless steel and is easy to use. Has a transparent container which is good to use. Has an exceptional quality marriage gift for a friend under the budget of Rs. 2000 because what you need to go along the whole day is energy which coffee gives. The best thing which makes it worth is that it is handy and very easy to use item.

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6) Sandwich Grill Maker

A durable wedding gift because when we are tired and butterfly starts to fly in our stomach then this is the best escape. Your friend will love this because she will just have to put something on bread and all other will be done by this maker. It can be placed anywhere. Has a smooth texture and is easy to wash. What else can make your friend happy than a sandwich made in a minute. An excellent gift worthy to buy because it provides us with an easy to make breakfast or lunch.

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7) Pop-up Toaster

This is an exemplary marriage gift for friend below rs. 2000. She will yearn for a toaster which will toast her bread in a minute. This is a compatible thing to put in the kitchen. It gives the kitchen a classy look. It gives a bell unlike other toasters when the bread is ready to eat. It has a warming colour. It is an automatic machine which means you will not have to stand in the kitchen waiting for it to get toasted. Most of all this is a toaster which your friend will never say a no to! It is worthy because its durable and you will not have to spend long hours at the machine shop getting it fixed.

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8) Photo Frames (Set of 12)

A pine wood colour antique and unique frame. Your friend would love a frame which has all her family member’s pictures on it. Also, it will give the home a sweet, heart-warming and royal look. It is a good quality durable frame. It gives the wall an elegant touch. It can hold pictures so memories will never fade and will increase endearment between you both.

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9) Dinnerware Set

A set of dishes, bowls and cups. A kitchen is never posh without a nice dinnerware. You friend will adore it when she gets a dinnerware which is stainless and durable. It has a good quality and have different sizes of dishes. The plates are deep and safe to use in the microwave. Made of pure glass. It is affordable and heat resistant. Dinner set is one of the most in deman gift which will never go out of fasion. You can gift this dinner set of amazon basics to your friends on their wedding day.

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10) 3D Moon Lamp

It gives the room a fancy look. Lighting this one every-time will remind them of you. A very stylish lamp to decorate the side table. The lamp is pure glass and the below stand is made of wood. The wood is technically carved and is strong enough to hold the moon. It contains a designed light to give the room’s texture a beautiful look.

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You don’t need to break the bank, go overboard and out of your budget buying the perfect wedding gift for your friends when you have so many gifting options of buying some of the best marriage gifts for friends under the budget of Rs. 2000.

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