Top 21 Gifts For 1 Year Old Boy In India (2024) || Toys & Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old

We all eagerly wait for our birthdays especially the little ones. The major anticipation for the birthday is because of the fascinating gifts that come along. Every birthday is special and adds significant memories to us but our first birthday always remains special. However the 1-year old barely knows the significance of the day but we try our best to make it special for them.

The dress has to be perfect, the party should be well organized and the food should be lip-smacking. We all plan out things for the first birthday of the child. But the most important part is their birthday gifts. Children might be small to understand the specialty of the day but when it comes to gifts they are ready to grab them all. You might face difficulty in choosing the best gift for one year old boy in India so here are some shortlisted incredibly amazing gift ideas.

21 Gifts for 1 year old boy in India

Find the best gifting options for a 1 year old boy 

1) Play Zone Tent with Balls

Webby Kids Play Zone Tent with 50 Balls

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A safe and secured tent zone would be a great play area for a one-year-old boy. This is a portable 1-year baby gift that can be carried on small picnics and vacations. Let the little one be busy playing with balls and soft toys in a comfortable and safe environment. The small balls are the most attractive thing that will keep the children engaged for a longer time. It is easy to carry and story and the material is toxic-free.

2) Dancing Dog

Parteet Dancing Dog with Music Flashing Lights - Multi Color

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When the children are small the thing that keeps them engaged is sound and lights. This is a kid-friendly gift that any 1 year old would love. A dancing dog that illuminates colorful lights would give the child good playtime. This would also help them in building a good hand-eye connection. The vibrant light makes the toy very appealing and children would love playing with it.

3) Sofa Seat/Rocking Chair

Besties Rabbit Shape Soft Plush Cushion Sofa Seat for Kids (0-4 Years)

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A comfortable seat for your little one is one of the most common worries for parents. You want to ensure that they are comfortable and cozy. This is an incredibly amazing gift for 1-year baby boy that would take away all your worries. The chair is soft and has a back that keeps your child’s posture correct. The design of the chair is very cool and looks very funky in the room. It can be easily lifted and shifted to any place. The cushion of the chair is very soft that would keep the baby warm and happy.

4) Floating Bath Toys

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Few children love to bath while there are some who absolutely hate bathing. To make their bathing time enjoyable and parents’ tough time easy here are some floating bath toys. The colorful toys attract the child’s attention so they are engaged while you quickly clean them up. If your child loves to bath then they would be a great company giving your child a great bathing experience. These are one of the best toys that can float around and are toxic free. They also make sounds when squeezed, in all they make the bath time a total fun for your baby.

5) Baby Bouncer

LuvLap Little Dino Baby Bouncer with Soothing Vibration and Music (Multi Color)

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The baby sometimes becomes very cranky and needs your lap for the swing. Every time it is not possible to carry them around and do your work so this baby bouncer comes to the rescue. The extra soft cushion on the chair ensures comfort and warmth for the baby. It is very easy to clean the bouncer as it can be washed in the machine. To make sure that the baby does not slip there are belts that will keep them in the place. The vibrations and bouncing are so accurate to give an instant calming effect to the babies.

6) Baby Bedding with mosquito net

KooKyKooby Baby Bedding with Mosquito and Insect Protection Net (Blue)

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If you are looking for a separate bed for the baby with soft cushions and mosquito protection net then this product is an ideal thing to buy. It is strongly supported by the bottom. The blocks restrain the insects and dust from entering the bed. It is easy to carry and pack. Separate bedding set for the baby gives them enough space to sleep and you don’t have to squeeze your place too.

7) No pedal bike

Entiq Balance Bike for 2,3,4 Years Old, Toddler Walking Bike No Pedal Balance Bike with Adjustable Handlebar and Seat, Red/Pink/Black/Blue (White)

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At the age of one, children can learn new things. Riding a bike is one of the major things that should be trained for the little ones. They cannot learn to balance and pedal so this bike will help them learn the early stage of riding. This lightweight bicycle has no pedal so don’t worry about your baby getting hurt. It has 4 wheels that keep the bike sturdy. Take your young ones out for a ride on this cool bike. It is easy to assemble and carry. The frame, structure, and body of the bike is very comfortable and durable for a one-year-old.

8) Fish catching game

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Children are inquisitive and their keenness to know more is a great habit. Games are one way in which they can learn and relate to things in their surroundings. This fish-catching game will help them to concentrate and build up good eye-hand coordination. This is one game which we also might have played in our childhood and it still fascinates us. Enjoy playtime with your young one over this fishing game.

9) Garden Slide

BabyGo Nara Kids Toy Freestanding Foldable Slides for Indoor & Outdoor Home & School (140 cm x 80 cm x 60 cm)

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One-year-old children are too small to be taken to a park and let them climb the huge slides. But this does not mean that you keep them deprived of the enjoyment. Get them a garden slide at home so that they can learn how to climb and slide down. The fun sliding down is immeasurable. It is a good form of exercise that you must make your child do. The anti-skid ladder will prevent them from slipping and skidding. The rails around the ladder give support for them to climb up. The edges are smooth for the baby to slide. Get this installed and see how happy your child becomes.

10) Baby Stroller

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids, 0-3 Years (Teal)

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Going shopping? Children love to explore new places but walking for long can make them irritated and cranky. If you want to enjoy your shopping peacefully get this stroller for your little one. You shop when they sit and enjoy the mall. They can comfortably sit in a position and can be taken anywhere. This is a lightweight stroller so you can also lift it on the stairs or rugged road. The canopy on the stroller gives protection to the baby from sunlight or bad weather.

11) Baby Bathing Tub

Intex Kulsoom Toys Baby Bathtub for Kids (2 ft, Multicolour)

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Children love to splash water in bathtubs. Once they are comfortable in the water they get reluctant to come out. To add on to their fun a bathing tub is an ideal gift for a 1 year old baby boy in India. They get enough space to enjoy and have fun. If you cannot take them to a big swimming pool get them this small baby bathing tub and they would be rejoicing in it. This product is BPA free and safe for children. It has slip-resistant bottom design and is slightly inflated from sides to give cushiony effect. A practical and durable thing you can also carry on vacations.

12) Wooden Xylophone

ECOPAL - Wooden Xylophone Musical Toy for Children with 8 Note - Pack of 1- Multi Color

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Music is one thing kids relate to the most. A wooden xylophone will give them a chance to explore the hidden talent in them and connect to music. It will keep them engaged for a long time while you can finish up your work. The edges of the toy are smooth and the material is safe for them. It comes with two sticks. The various colors on the xylophone can also be used to teach them differentiating colors.

13) Push Car

Dash Monkey 3 in 1 Ride on for Kids, Baby car, Ride on for Kids 2 Years+, Push Car, Musical Ride on car for Kids with Parental Handle and Protective Arm Rest (Capacity 20kg | Pink)

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Push car for your baby looks so cool and makes your child’s outing enjoyable. It is absolutely safe to ride in this push car. Even when the sun is throwing heat the car will save your child as it has a detachable canopy. Take your tiny toddler to the park in his own push car. It has a safety guard to set backrest. The sterling has music which will make the ride enjoyable. The design of the push car has been made keeping in mind the child’s comfort. It is a unique and trendy gift for a one-year-old boy.

14) Banana Training Tooth Brush

Epaal Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush Silicone Teether Soft Bristles 100% Safe (Yellow)

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The child is growing and you need to teach them good habits as they grow up. Brushing their teeth is one training that is basic in their daily routine. If you get them a banana toothbrush it will make them intrigued and excited to brush their teeth. The soft bristles make sure that they do not hurt the baby. It is a BPA free product made from non-toxic material. The design is very cool and the structure of the brush is easy to grab. This is a great way to start teaching healthy habits to your child.

15) Musical Rhymes Book

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Music is the best way to learn and remember things. Especially if the toddler is learning something new for the first time. As their educational journey is about to start in the near future it is a good habit that you make them habitual of learning. This musical rhyme book has 6 classic nursery rhymes which are very basic. It is a visually stimulating, attractive looking book that holds the child’s interest. The book has pre-recorded 40+ songs, melodies, and sounds that will help them learn in a fun way.

16) Einstein Box

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It is not easy to grab children’s attention and keep them in one place to teach them. We need to do some extra effort to hold their mind. Visually appealing things often grab children’s attention for longer durations. This educational set has 3 books that help in teaching the toddlers and making them ready for their new phase of life. It is one of the best 1 year baby gifts you can give. In this set, you also get amazing educational toys that add fun to learning.

17) Giant Size Teddy Bear

Hug 'N' Feel Soft Toys Panda 3 Feet Teddy Bears Soft Toy | Birthday Gift for Girls/Wife, Boyfriend/ Husband | Wedding/Anniversary Gift for Couple Special, Baby Toys Gift Items | (3 Feet, Panda)

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Hugging a giant size teddy bear makes us feel safe and warm. The soft fur of the teddy bear is not at all harmful for the baby. You can keep this toy in their room and it will make the room look more beautiful. This is a 3 feet panda that looks super cute and huggable. It is an apt gift for a birthday.

18) Hot Wheels Car Gift Set

Hot wheels 5 car gift pack (Color & Design May Vary)

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Owning a car collection is a dream for many boys. This is an excellent choice of toys for one year old boy in India. They would jump in ha[ppiness seeing these cars. They can race with their friends or play it all alone. The hot wheels range has attractive colors on these cars that make them look more fascinating.

19) Automobile Toy Set

Toyshine Unbreakable Automobile Car Toy Set

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Boys have a fascination with automobiles. Cars are their favorite toys and they are crazy about it. Giving them something that they love so passionately would be an ideal gift choice for a one-year-old boy in India. The automobile toys in this gift set are unbreakable. So even if the child mishandles them you don’t have to worry as they are not fragile. This is a set of 4 truck toys that come with a push and go mechanism. The attractive colors and appealing designs make kids want them even more.

20) 2 in 1 Swing

Mothertouch 2-In-1 Swing (Blue)

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Remember when you used to deny having your meals and your mom would try every possible way to feed you? Parenthood is a challenging phase but to ease the pain here is a swing that will help you in multiple ways. The child can recline back to sit and also sleep comfortably. The padded cushioning ensures warmth and comfort for the child. The strong belts make sure the child is safe in the swing as it moves back and forth. A compatible and convenient thing you can carry.

21) Spout

Philips Avent Silicone Rubber Classic Soft Spout Cup, (Pink/Purple) 200 ML 1 Piece

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From a milk bottle to a sipping cup is a whole transition for a child. Making children habitual of drinking from a spout is another level of achievement. As they are growing up their habits need to change. However, if they are not comfortable with the spout given to them they might withdraw themselves from having milk also. A specially designed cup for the babies to ensure easy flow of liquid. The material is safe to be used and is spill and leak proof.

Choosing a gift for 1 year old can be challenging as their choices flicker from one thing to another. You can gift them anything from the above list as these are the best gift ideas for a 1-year-old boy.

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