Top 15 Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy in India (2024) || Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

As children grow up they get more excited to explore more. You can just not expect a 2-year-old to sit in one corner and play for hours. Therefore the toys should be really interesting to hold the child’s interest and engage them for a long time. Also at this age parents prepare their children to step into a school and experience a new phase of their lives. Toys can help them develop skills in a fun way.

Toys that keep the child entertained while he learns are  miraculous. Every child’s personality is different, some like to play for hours with just a simple toy while some are just not satisfied with one. Toys for a 2-year old girl might differ from that of a boy as their choices are wide apart.  Keeping the nature of children here are some shortlisted Best gifts for 2 year old boys. They are all engaging and interesting and especially the number 13th one is my favorite.

Top 15 Gifts For 2-Year-Old Boy in India (2024) 

1) Mushroom Pool

Intex Inflatable Mashroom Pool, Multi Color

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Babies love to play in the water and watching them drenched with happiness will surely be a lifetime memory. So gifting a mushroom pool is a cool idea that the child will love. It is an affordable gift and if you are looking for a quality product in budget, then you must go for it. The best part of this pool is that it comes with a shade that protects the baby from strong sun rays. You have to just inflate the pool and the baby is set to jump in. This gift can also be carried on picnic spots and it is travel friendly.

2) Baby Sofa

Besties Rabbit Shape Soft Plush Cushion Sofa Seat for Kids (0-4 Years)

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Babies become quite active and want to explore everything around them. Babysitting can be a challenging thing to do so getting them a baby sofa could be a smart trick to let them stay in one place. This sofa is a great gift option as it is comfortable and appropriately holds the baby’s posture. The material is soft, relaxing and the product quality is durable. The side cushions on this sofa will prevent the baby from sliding down even if they fall asleep. This is an attractive gift that a toddler would love.

3) Race Track Car Set 

Hot Wheels Energy Track Set with 1 Diecast Car- Multi

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Boys have an inclination towards racing cars and they enjoy playing with it. The race track car set will keep them indulged while they build the track and face some challenges. Gifting this race track set is an amazing idea and will keep the children away from the TV and mobile phones. The product comes with four pieces of ramps that you can join. The product is made from non-toxic paints and will not harm the baby in any manner and therefore is one of the best toys for 2 year old boy.

4) Lights and Organ Piano

Fun Express Electronic Drum Plus Organ Piano with Flashing Lights and Melodious Music ( Green )

Music is the best way to express yourself. The lights and organ piano will make the child try their hands on the piano. This musical instrument comes along with a microphone and volume adjustment keys. If you want the child to be busy doing something productive this would be the best thing to gift. Learning the tunes at a very small age will make them come close to music even more.

5) LED Football/Soccer Ball

SUPER TOY Powered Suspended Hover Soccer Ball/Disc with Foam Bumpers Colorful LED Lights Toys for 4 Years Old Football/Soccer Ball for Kids

The football soccer ball is a tech adopted gift for a 2 year old boy that glides on the floor. The kids love the soccer ball even more for the attractive and vibrant lights on its surface. The edges are guarded with soft cushions to make sure that kids can play with it without any worry. This ball can also be carried during picnics and will be a great indoor and outdoor entertainment for the kids.

6) No Pedal Balance Bicycle

FRAXIER ® The Balance Learning Bicycle, Bike for Kids, Ages 1.5 to 6 Years (White)(12.00 inches, 14.6Wx33.5Lx27.6H inches, Unisex)

Once the baby learns to walk, the next step is to learn to ride a bicycle. This no pedal balance bicycle prepares them for an actual bicycle with pedals. Children would love to take indoor and outdoor ride on this bicycle. Since there are no pedals this would avoid the clamping of the baby’s feet. It is designed keeping in mind the baby’s safety and fun. The product quality is very fine and durable. The seat is comfortable and has a soft cushion below. Getting this bicycle will teach them how to balance as well.

7) Rocking Chair

INFANTSO Baby Rocker Portable Including Free Mosquito Net & U Shape Pillow with Calming Vibrations & Musical Toy Blue

If you do not have enough space to get the chair mentioned in point number 2 then this rocking chair is a good replacement. The product is pretty much similar but is compact. The cushion is soft that supports the baby’s back and ensures the child is in a comfortable position. The attractive shapes and colors of these chairs make the child more attracted to it. Children love to play with soft toys as well and this chair will be a two in one product. They can sit, relax and even cuddle the chair.

8) Educational Learning Tablet

ALIZEH Corp P1000 Educational Learning Computer Tablet for Boys and Girls (Upto 3 Years of Age) -Birthday Returns Gifts

We have seen kids being fascinated by mobile phones. Instead of letting them indulge in games and cartoons, a learning tablet would be of much use. Since at the age of 2 they would be preparing to join a school so a learning tablet would be very helpful. The tablet is very easy to use and children can learn the basics of education like rhymes, ABCD, numbers, etc through this. This would retain the child’s interest and keep them indulged in learning and enjoying as well.

9) Tumbler Doll

Wembley Roly Poly Push and Shake Wobbling Bell Sounds Tumbler Doll Toy for 3 Months & Above (Pack of 1) ISI Certified (Orange)

Now, this is a very entertaining toy to keep children busy with themselves. Even if the child is alone this gift would still keep them entertained. The tumbler doll has a funny yet attractive face that captures a child’s attention very fast. If you push the doll backward it will come back at its place. The nodding doll is a very cute gift.

10) Digital Geometry Clock

Toyshine Wooden Premium Learning Clock , Educational Digital Analog Numbers, Shape & Color Learning Montessori Toy for Kids- Multi Color

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Learning playfully is the best way to teach children anything. The digital geometry block gift is an interesting toy for a 2-year-old boy. In this way, he can learn about the various geometrical shapes as well. Sorting and matching the shapes on the wooden plate will keep them engaged and increase their knowledge of shapes. The different colored shapes can also be used to teach the child about the different colors.

11) Storage Box Folding Stool

Batman Toys Organizer (Set of 2 pcs - Big & Small), Storage Box for Kids

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It becomes a very difficult task for the mothers to collect the toys and keep the house organized. Toys lying here and there can make the room look messy. This box is a folding stool that can store the toys as it also has a storage box inside. In this way, you can give something useful for both, mom and child. The box has a cushion on the top on which the baby can sit. The print of the box is very cute and so it looks good even if kept in any corner.

12) Tent House

RADHE Enterprise® Jumbo Size Light Weight Kids Play Tent House for 3-13 Year Old Kids Girls and Boys (Newly_Star Brown Play Tent)

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We all loved to play inside a tent house and this one will bring back memories from your childhood. The solid structure of the tent house will prevent it from collapsing. It is easy to assemble and carry as well. To make it more interesting and fun you can stuff small colorful balls inside the tent. It is a portable, durable and well-ventilated tent house in which the child can have fun with his friends.

13) Mother Elephant and Baby Soft Toy

Tickles Grey Mother Elephant with Baby Stuffed Soft Toy (Size: 32 cm)

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This adorable looking soft toy of an elephant and her baby is very captivating. The baby can play with them or cuddle up and sleep as they are super comfortable. The extremely soft fur of the soft toy ensures a soft touch for the child. Even if they are simply kept in your baby’s room it enhances the beauty of the room.

14) Colorful Digital Wooden Train

Happie Shopping Wood Train Building Blocks, 10 Trains, Multicolour

Kids get attracted to looking at vibrant things as colors attract them the most. This wooden digital train is an educational toy that will help the child learn numbers. There are numbers from 0-9 that will help children learn the numbers and will prepare them for going to school. This is something every preschooler should have. The wheels under the wooden train will easily glue the train and the quality of the product is great. You can get great deals on this product as it is the best selling product.

15) Backpack

Tukzer Baggita Kids School Bag, Printed Toddler 15 Ltrs Backpack for Boys Girls, Elementary Preschool Tuition Swimming Travel Multipurpose Bag| Water-Repellent Soft Neoprene (Space Man-Navy Blue)

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Children are fond of carrying a backpack just like elders do. This cute backpack is a great gift for a 2-year-old boy in which he can carry essentials. While he goes to the park to play you can put a little bottle and hanky in it. This makes the mom’s life also very organized as all the essentials fit in one bag.

People remember you by your gift and so it is very important to choose a good quality and useful product as a gift. The task becomes much more difficult if you are gifting it to a 2-year-old boy as their choices change every minute. Selecting a gift that will indulge them in learning as well is crucial. These gifts will keep them entertained and prepare them for the upcoming school life as well. These gifts will fit in your budget and will make the child’s birthday memorable.

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