Top 25 Best Return Gifts For Kids & Birthday (2024) || Return Gift Ideas For Kids

Children are very excited about their birthdays and planning for this special day is an exciting affair. We all plan the best decorations, themes, food, and the most important thing are return gifts. The children coming to the birthday parties really enjoy playing games and getting return gifts. If your child’s birthday is around the corner and you have still not decided what to give as a return gift to the little gang then here are some amazing suggestions for you.

Figuring out what the children would love might be a difficult task. Children like to get what is in the trend and looks fascinating and funky. More than anything the return gifts should make them happy and contented. Check out these unique and amazing return gifts for kids.

Best Return Gifts For Kids & Birthday

The best gifting options are here

1) Pencil Box

NEUF MART Birthday Return Gift Minions Pencil Box PACK of 8 Sets For Girls, Gift for kids, Return Gift For Birthday parties| Budget Friendly | Kanjak Gift PARTY SPECIAL COMBO

Pencil box is a very useful thing that every kid uses while he is in school. Also, the craze for attractive and cool looking pencil boxes cannot be ignored. Kids love to have funky pencil boxes and that is what this product is all about. In this colorful cute looking box you have 12 sketch pens. These can be used to enhance their creative aspect. These are made from high-quality plastic and are durable too. This product has 10 cases which are ideal return gift for kids birthday.

2) Kaleidoscope

Asera 12 pcs Birthday Return Gifts Kaleidoscope - Children Educational Fun Magic Science Toy

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Gifts that keep the children indulged give them the opportunity to learn are best gifts. Kaleidoscope is something that has excited us when we were young. The different shapes that are made inside the kaleidoscope excite children even more. This pack has 12 pieces of kaleidoscope that give the children an enjoyable experience. The cylinder toy tube that shows a symmetrical pattern is a treat to watch.

3) Handmade Bags

AMANVANI (Pack of 12) Dinosaur Gift Carry Bags - Medium Size Dinosaur Theme Party Goodies Bag |Birthday Return Gifts Bag for Boys & Girls, Cartoon Dinosaur Bag

Cartoon printed gifts are loved by children and having one of their own will make their day more blissful. These haversack bags have cool cartoon prints that give the bag a trendy look. There are a unicorn, spiderman, mickey mouse, spiderman, minion, and many more other printed bags that kids can choose. These lightweight bags can be used to keep goodies, stationery items, and toys. They are easy to carry and take very little space in the cupboard. This is one of the best return gifts for kids birthday.

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4) Piggy Bank

ZHENGTU Piggy Bank for Kids Wood House Animal Designs, Educational Learning Toys Multi Color Perfect Return Gift for Kids Birthday Party (Pack of 6)

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Making children learn the importance of money and teaching them to save is one of the best things parents should teach. This is a useful and meaningful return gift that will teach the kids the value of money. It comes in a pack of 6 home shaped piggy banks. Children can collect coins in this beautiful piggy bank. Encourage kids to save and collect money. Keeping this in the kid’s room can also be used as a decorative piece. This is a perfect return gift for kids birthday to teach them the importance of money.

5) Guddy Bags

Chocozone Pack of 50 Guddy Bags Party Favor Bags Cookie Bags Chocolate Pouches Birthday Party Return Gift Bags

Children love to get goodies that contain their favorite things in it. Chocolate is one of their dearest things that excite them. You can put different types of cookies and chocolates in these goody bags. They look so good and creative as all of them have emoji in front of their bags. Children would love to open these goody bags and when they see yummy chocolates they would be happiest. These goody bags add an extra element to your themed parties so you should definitely have them.

6) Wooden Photo Frames

Kieana Wooden Photo frames with stand for Return Gifts for Kids Birthday Christmas Party Supplies, cute & attractive animal cartoon designs for girls & boys (Multicolor - Pack of 6)

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We all wish to preserve pictures for a lifetime and keeping them in cute photo frames is a delight. You can give these beautiful wooden photo frames of kids coming for birthday parties. They are very lightweight and can be kept on children’s study tables. They come in vibrant colors and have cartoon designs on them. They are made from wood and add beauty to your home with flashing memories.

7) Foldable Sunglasses

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Children love to copy adults and their style. You might have seen them wearing your shoes and pulling your favorite sunglasses to look just like you. Give them their own foldable, colorful, and cute looking sunglasses as a return gift for your child’s birthday. This product is a pack of 12 funky, vibrant sunglasses that will add more fun to the party. The design has cartoons which will excite them more. This pack also has some balloons that can be used for party decoration. The size of the sunglasses fits children easily. Rock the party and get amazing pictures of the adorable kids.

8) Writing/ Drawing Board

Parteet New Birthday Party Return Gifts-Pack of 12 Mix Stationery Kit Set in a Bag for Kids (6Pc TimeTableBoard)

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Small kids are always intrigued to learn more. They also develop the habit of writing and when they do not get a copy they might reach out to the wall to show their creativity. This whiteboard is a very useful return gift ideas for kids. This can be used as a writing or a drawing board that can be accommodated in their rooms. It is easy to hang these boards and teach children letters or help them to draw. Each board has cool colors and designs which make them look pretty.

9) Bulk Stationery Set

SillyMe Kids Birthday Party Return Gifts Stationary Set for Kids - (Includes Pencil Box case,Scissor,Eraser,Pencil, Sharpener) (12 Cases)

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Stationery sets is one of the most useful return gifts for kids. They like to have a collection of new boxes, pencils, pens, and erasers. This stationery set is therefore the most suitable return gift for birthday party. In this set, you get 2 pencils,1 eraser,1 sharpener,1 paper cutting scissor, pen stand, and scale. The quality of all the things included is great and ideal for gifting kids.

10) LED Bands

Pappi Boss Haunt Kids Digital LED Band , Pack of 12, Multicolour

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Children imitate elders with their style, gadgets, and accessories. This is a trendy band that you can gift to children if you don’t want to give them a wristwatch. These colorful bands look so attractive and stylish. They are lightweight bands that display time. The quality of the material is very durable. You can buy these bands as they come in a set of 12 and distribute as return gifts to kids. 

11) Pen Stand with Photo Frame

Birthday Popper Foldable Sunglasses | Shades for Kids |12 Pcs | Birthday Return Gift | Photo Prop for Kids of All Age Group | Multicolor |

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Children often keep their things messy and unorganized on the table. It is a good habit to teach them how to store their essentials properly. You can give these pen holders stands as return gifts to kids. The color scheme is very pretty and you can keep pens, pencils, scales and other things in this holder. 

12) Mini Pull Back Cars

PRIME DEALS Unbreakable Pull Back Vehicles| Push and Go Crawling Toy for Kids & Children, Power Friction Cars for 3+ Years Old Boys|Girls

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If you are hosting a birthday party for a boy and his gang is going to come to the celebration then this is an ideal return gift that would make them happy. In this pack, you get 12 pullback mini cars which will add fun to their lives. These bright colored toy cars would make them so happy and excited to play with them. These pull back cars are made from high-quality plastic. They are sturdy, lightweight, and durable. No need to worry if the children roughly use these cars.

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13) Password Lock Diary

Jiada Pack of 6 Kids Secret Password Lock Dairy | Birthday Return Gift | Assorted Colours

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Children always have a fascination with things that make them feel like they are adults. They often see us writing in diaries and keeping things private. Giving them a password-protected diary would make them very delighted. This will also help them develop the habit of writing a daily diary. In this pack, you get 6 different colored diaries with passwords written behind them. This is one of the best choices as a return gift for kids birthday.

14) Watercolor Palette

Birthday Popper Water Color + Artist Paint Brush + Gift Wrap + Thank You Card (Set of 10) Birthday Return Gift for Kids of All Age Group at Bulk-Multicolour

ir?t=giftideas web 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07GMX1DRMThis is their age to explore new things which in the future can be their hobby and even a passion. Give them a chance to play with colors and learn the beauty of art. This watercolor palette is a step that will help them begin with the exploration. In this set, you get 10 watercolor palettes that can be given to the children as a return gift for attending a birthday party. You get a set of 10 Watercolor + Artist Paint Brush + Gift Wrap + Thank You Cards contains 10 Water Colour Set.

15) Invisible Pen

Birthday Popper Invisible Ink Magic Pen (20 pieces) with UV-Light Birthday Return Gifts for all age group Bulk Buy Abracadabra Collection-Multicolour

ir?t=giftideas web 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B081WWDP5F
Magic has always fascinated me and it does even today. Children love to have magical things that they can proudly show to their friends. This magical pen would give them an opportunity to show how cool this pen is. This special pen has invisible ink that can be used to write a secret message. After a few seconds just show light on it that is given above the pen to reveal the secret message you wrote. It is very interesting and fun to play with this pen so you can give this to the children as a return gift for attending the birthday party and they would love it.

16) Cartoon Printed Sling Bag for girls

Magic World By Kajal - Ice-Cream Pop it Sling Bag - Crossbody Bag for Kids, Pop it Purse for Girls, Pop it Bag for Girls Sling Bag for Girls, Sling Bag for Women - Best Birthday Return Gifts for Kids

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Girls from a very young age are inclined towards bags and purses. Seeing their mom carrying a stylish bag makes them have one for themselves too. Get these cartoon printed sling bags as a return gift for birthday and the girls attending the party would be excited to use them. They come with adjustable straps so that you can change the length of the bag according to your child’s height. They look super cool when carried to an outing.

17) Unicorn Metal Tin Case

Birthday Popper Glossy High Quality Tin Metal Unicorn Pouch, Multicolour, 12 Piece

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Looking for a simple, durable, and useful return gift for a birthday party? These unicorn metal tin cases are very handy and are very compact to carry a few things. You can put some coins, earphones, or even some precious jewelry. They are available in different colors so you can give the children a chance to pick one for themselves. The material is metal so you don’t have to worry if they use it roughly. They are an affordable return gift for kids.

18) Cartoon Printed Lamps

ignitate Cute Cartoon Desk Lamps for Study Table, USB Rechargeable, Warm White Lamp Light & RGB Color Night Light - 3 Modes, Eye Protection Lamps for Children (Cute Kids Lamp, Multicolour)

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Children’s rooms should reflect the fairy vibes that help the children sleep peacefully. You can give these cartoon printed lamps as a return gift as they are stunning. They add a charm to the kid’s room and can be turned on while they sleep or read. This lamp has easy touch control and runs on battery so you don’t have to worry if the kids touch it. They can compactly add beauty to the room and light it up. 

19) Rainbow Magic Spring Coil

Jiada Colourful Rainbow Magic Spring Coil - Birthday Return Gifts (Pack of 12)

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Rainbow magic coil is a fun gift that helps in teaching your child different colors and the flexibility of things. This is a fun slinky toy that keeps the child busy. This can also be used as a pen holder. This looks very decorative and attractive on the rack.

20) Portable Notebook Water Bottle

Allmart Enterprise Plastic Notebook Ultra Slim Water Bottle, 380ml, Set of 1, Multicolour

ir?t=giftideas web 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B081N3HHRT
This is a very useful return gift for children. If you have small kids then carrying water along is a must. If you get a bottle that is so compact like a book then it is so relieving. This is a similar product. A portable notebook bottle that is shaped like a book but is a very compact and durable water bottle. It comes in various vibrant colors and is a very useful gift for children. Looking for unique birthday return gift ideas? Buy them and give a purposeful gift to the children.

21)Face Masks

Fancydresswale Superhero Mask for Kids birthday party flavour (Set of 12 Felt Mask)

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ir?t=giftideas web 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B0768K9BKS
Kids get easily attracted to colors and they often want things that are visually pleasing to them. Well, these neon-colored glasses are very funky to be worn at parties and even outdoors. The variety of neon colors gives a fair choice to the kids to choose one for them. This is an ideal return gift for birthdays as they make children look very stylish. 

22) Plates and Fork

Kitchwish Owl Shape Plates 6 with Suction Base, Attractive Self Feeding Plate with Spoon for Kids Virgin Plastic Food Grade Material, Dinner Plates/Sectioned Plates

ir?t=giftideas web 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07D5LGF3G
Another practical gift that you can give as a return gift is these plates and fork combo. This return gift pack comes with 12 cute cartoon shaped plates and a fork. The material is nonplastic and BPA free so serving in these plates is safe. You can wash them in the dishwasher and also use them in the microwave. There is one big and two small compartments to hold a variety on the plate. A very useful and handy return gift for small children.

23) Burger Style Sharpener

FunBlast Sharpener for Kids - Sharpener for Pencil Sharpener for Kids Stylish, Stationary Set for Kids, Pencil Sharpener Machine for Kids Stationary Items - Best Return Gifts (6 Pcs Burger Sharpener)

ir?t=giftideas000 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07PMFHXPR
ir?t=giftideas web 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B078NVN11W
Having fancy stationery items is every child’s fantasy. They love to have cute boxes, stylish pens, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners that make their box look attractive and colorful. You can give them a return gift to kids and they would be very excited to use them. These can be used in two ways. It looks like a burger and can be used as a sharpener and when you open the shell you get two cute erasers in there. 

24) Radium Stickers

Birthday Popper Glow in The Dark Radium Sticker + Gift Wrap + Thank You Card (Set of 10) Birthday Party Return Gifts for Kids of All Age Group in Bulk

ir?t=giftideas web 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07NL9JTS7
Radiating stickers are fun to watch. Radium stickers glow in the dark and you can put them in kids’ rooms to enjoy galaxy tours while they sleep. They are easy to stick and you can also involve children to stick them on the walls or ceiling of their room. This is an ideal gift for kids if they fear to sleep in the dark.

25) Toy Camera

REMBOW TOYS Digital Camera Child Handy Video Recorder Portable 2.0 Screen Inbuilt Games Children Toys IPS Great Smile Focus Rechargeable 3MP Outdoor Play (Pink)

ir?t=giftideas web 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B07QBMLQM6
Children from this generation are camera and gadget-friendly. They are so familiar with the phone camera and easily grab its functioning too. The design of this camera is so captivating and bright. Treat your little ones with this camera and they can go through the animal pictures inside the camera. This is a unique return gift for kids that they would love and enjoy to play with.

If your child’s birthday is near and you want to buy useful, trendy, attractive, and affordable return gifts then this article will guide you through the best products. Choose according to the age group and choice of your child and throw a super fun birthday party for your child.

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