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Babies are fussy with their choices and it becomes a tough task for a mom to manage them. The essential things required for a baby cannot be compromised. Their choices cannot be altered and hence you need to choose the best for them. If you are a feeding mother and wanting to switch to feeding bottles then choosing the safest and the best feeding bottle might be confusing.

Remember that babies might be small but their remembering capacity is quite high. If you give them milk in a bottle instead of breast milk they wouldn’t accept it. The choice of bottles should deceive them and then only the children would enjoy drinking from bottles. The variety of products available in the market might confuse you but here are some best-chosen options for feeding bottles that will help you out.

There are different bottles available made from materials. Some are made from high-quality plastic, some are made of steel while some are made of glass. In this article, there are a variety of best baby feeding bottles in India. Grab the one that suits your needs.

10 Best Feeding Bottles for Babies

Give your baby the best

1) Philips Natural Feeding Bottle

Philips Avent 260ml Natural Feeding Bottle (Clear, Pack of 2)

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The priority of the bottle should be given to the shape. This bottle has the exact shape of the breasts that will deceive the child. The quality of the product is also safe to be used as it is made from polypropylene and is BPA free. The shape is such that the infants hold it without any difficulty. It is a travel-friendly option as well.

2) Sippy Cup

Philips Avent Silicone Rubber Classic Soft Spout Cup, (Pink/Purple) 200 ML 1 Piece

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If you are looking for a cool, funky, and attractive baby feeding bottle for your child then this sippy cup is an ideal deal. The silicone spout is very gentle for the baby’s teeth. The design on the cup makes it look very cute. The handles on the side ensure a perfect grip for the baby’s little hands. The valves get closed after the power is released so this product is spill and leak proof. The quality is great and safe to be used for children as it is toxic-free and BPA free.

3) Pigeon Twin Pack Bottles

Pigeon Peristaltic Nursing Bottle Twin Pack (Pink/White) - 240 ml

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This product comes from a trusted brand so you can be carefree about the quality. The silicone nipple is very soft and makes sure that the baby doesn’t hurt itself. The transparency of the bottle helps you to monitor the quantity of food you are feeding. Also to measure the amount a scale has been made. It is a durable quality bottle for baby feeding that won’t wear or tear.

4) 3 in 1 Bottle

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As we all know that stainless steel is one of the most long-lasting materials that can be used. This bottle is made from antibacterial stainless steel which is safe to be used. The peristaltic nipples ensure that air does not interrupt the milk flow hence allowing the baby to drink milk peacefully. The handles on the sides make it easy to carry and hold. The quality is long-lasting and durable and won’t have to find a replacement anytime soon.

5) Stainless Steel Baby Feeding Bottle 

THE LITTLE LOOKERS� Stainless Steel Newborn Baby (2 in 1) Sipper/Feeding Bottle | Steel Feeder Cum Sipper (Blue, 240 ML)

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When the product is medically acclaimed we are assured that the quality is safe to be used. Made from stainless steel this is the best milk bottle containing anti-bacterial steel and the nipple is made from medical grade silicon. The bottle does not have any joints in the middle. The lid is made from high-quality steel so you are shielded from any toxins. It comes in a pack of two with ranging capacity.

6) Soft Spoon Feeder

Fisher-Price Ultra Care Soft Spoon Food Feeder for Babies First-Foods Feeding on-th-Go (4 m) 125 ml/5O z Pink

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Milk can be served with any regular feeding bottle but the real challenge is to feed some semi-liquid food. The bigger particles get stuck due to which the baby is unable to suck it. This specially designed soft spoon feeder has a spoon attached to the nipple. If you want to feed your baby with juice just squeeze a bit and it collects on the spoon. This will make feeding easy and less messy.

7) Bpa-free Polypropylene Neck Bottle

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bpa Free Polypropylene Standard Neck (250 Ml, Pack of 1, Blue)

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This product comes from a renowned and trusted name so you are relieved about the quality it has to offer. People who face feeding issues need to try out with a bottle as it will help you resolve the issue. Usually, it is believed that bottles lose the nutrients of food but with this product, it is not so. The vacuum-free design will ensure the food gets digested properly without letting any extra air get in the baby’s stomach.

8) Special Needs Feeder

Medela Special Needs Feeder (150 ml)

This is a supreme quality special needs feeder. The compressions can be controlled in case the baby is unable to suck and obtain the food. The slit valve mechanism given in this feeder helps the mothers or the feeder to control the amount of milk entering the baby’s mouth. The opening of the nipple passes the air and avoids the vacuum. This is a great product as it helps the child eat better.

9) Duck shaped Feeding bottle

LuvLap Naughty Duck Spout Sipper for Infant/Toddler, 210ml, Anti-Spill Sippy Cup with Soft Silicone Spout BPA Free, 6m+ (Yellow)

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Different shapes and colors attract babies and this is often used as a trick to feed them. This enticing feeding bottle will intrigue the child to have milk from it. The bottle’s size is perfect so you can also carry it on short trips. At the back of the bottle, a measuring scale has been given to monitor the quantity of the food.

10) Combo of Feeding bottles

Naughty Kidz Premium Warmer Glass Bottle with Ultrasoft LSR Nipple||Silicone Bottle Warmer||Key TEETHER||Hood Retaining Cap and Sealing DISC Ring -240ML+240ML (Pink+Blue)

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A beautiful combo pack of four best baby feeding bottles in India is just the right thing you should surely buy. If you have kids at home it is always better to keep their essentials extra. This pack has 4 bottles to make sure that you don’t run out of them in any case. The extra soft nipples give easy sucking to the baby. The product is budget-friendly and of good quality.

It is always a challenging job to change the habits of a child. Since the infants have the least maturity they get stubborn with their food habits. If you have been struggling to shift your baby to baby feeding bottles these are the best options. They are ace products in every manner and have proven the good quality through best customer reviews and ratings.

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