Top 15 Best Toys For 12 Year Old Boy in India (2024) || Gift Suggestions For 12 Year Old Boy

Shopping for a pre-teen is not an easy task. As their age group changes their choice of gifts and things they own also shift from one to another. How would you know what they would love the most? Fret not this article will give you the best toys for 12 year olds.

Most parents worry and are reluctant in giving them gifts that might spoil them. Like giving them an electronic game would make them sit at home in front of the screen ruining their health. It might be a tricky part to finalize one perfect gift for your teen to be a child so we present a plethora of options from where you can choose.

Best 15 Gifts for 12-Year-Old Boy 

The Best Gifting Collection for a 12-year-old boy is here 

1) Boxing Set

Hipkoo Sport Kid Boxing Kit for Small Girls/Boys Boxing Gloves (Small Boys, Black)

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This is the age when children explore new things, develop new hobbies, and indulge in many activities. Boxing sets can be their new interest and they can even learn the basics of it with this kit. This gift has also ensured the safety of children by providing necessary guards. The proper cushioning inside the gloves will protect the hands from any jerk or sprain.   

2) Catch Phrase Game

hasbro catch phrase game- Multi color

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Indulging children in a game that gives them a learning experience while keeping them entertained is the most important thing. This catchphrase game allows children to make phrases and reward yourself with points. Children can team up with friends and play this game to see who wins. The scoreboard displays scores and also sets a time limit to distribute equal time for individuals without being biased.

3) Roller Skates

Diswa Adjustable Aluminium Body InLine Skates Combo Size S (29-33) (Black , Unisex)

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Hobbies can change for a teenager to be so giving them the opportunity to grow and learn is the responsibility of the parents. If you are searching for a meaningful gift for 12-year old boy then roller skates would be an ideal thing. The material of the roller skates is comfortable and adjustable. They can practice skating outdoors which would be great for their physical health as well.

4) Travel ScrapBook Journal

LitJoys Little Collector's Passport Travel Scrapbook and Stamps for Children (3 to 9 Years)

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Children love traveling but giving them a journal to express their happiness and experience while on a trip is a great habit to inculcate. Writing your beautiful moments in a journal is a treasure you can keep for a lifetime. This fancy journal has stickers, smileys, and has space to plan their to-do list on vacation. It is a great gift suggestion for 12 year old boy.

5) Microscope

TOYOTIC Educational Microscope for Kids - Science Toys for Kids Learning Gadgets (Science Microscope)

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Children develop an interest in practical things and this microscope is a pathway for them to learn the inside of things. It has a lens cover, specimens, eyepiece, nosepiece, and everything like the actual one. It is operated through batteries and is a great way to learn things and develop a fondness for science.

6) Scrabble

Mattel Scrabble Board Game, Multi Color

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It is difficult to make children sit in one place and make them learn things. For things like learning spellings and developing a good vocabulary scrabble is a great game. As 12-year-old they might have some knowledge of words but when they sit and compete with other minds their vocabulary and learning expands therefore this would be a meaningful gift for 12-year old boy.

7) Rotating Globe

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Learning about the earth and various places around is a fascinating experience for many children. If your child is also intrigued to know more about geography then gift them a globe. Globe is a 3-D figure that will clarify all their doubts and give a practical approach to learning. This globe has a steel chrome finish arc on which the globe rotates smoothly. It is durable and lightweight which makes it handy to carry around and learn.

8) Acoustic Guitar Kit

Intern INT-38C-BK-G Cutaway Right Handed Acoustic Guitar Kit, With Bag, Strings, Pick And Strap (Black, 6 Strings)

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Having a guitar and being able to play one is a fancy thing children get attracted to the most. It also gives a chance for them to explore their musical side and will develop a hobby. They might take their interest in playing the guitar as a profession as well. This guitar has a sleek design and plays a good sound. The springs are also of good quality and with this, you get 3 pricks to play the guitar well.

9) Jenga

Hasbro Gaming Jenga Mini Game, Ages 6 And Up, For 1 Or More Players

Jenga is another very exciting game that has become very popular these days. The blocks are made of wood and are a multiplayer game. This game will improve your child’s concentration and decision-making ability. This is one of the Best toys for 12 year olds as it will keep them interested in it for a long time.

10) Cricket Kit

MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit for Tennis Ball Combo for Age Group 12-14 Years, Size 5, Wood

Boys and cricket are synonymous. There are very few boys who do not have an interest in cricket. If your child is keen to learn and play cricket then a cricket kit would be an ideal gift for them. This kit is an entire gaming kit for cricket one would ever need. It has a tennis ball, a bat, stumps, and guards. Your child can learn to play cricket more professionally with this specially designed cricket kit.

11) Robotics Kit

WitBlox Robotics Kit for 101 Projects

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A Robotics kit for a 12-year-old boy would be a great gift for a birthday. Children can make different robotic shapes and have fun. They can connect electronic boxes to create amazing shapes and sizes. The light and sound effect will give it a more realistic touch. Give a chance to the kids to explore their interests. 

12) Ceramic Mug

SATYAM KRAFT Ceramic Lazy Panda Printed Mug with Lid and Spoon - 1 Piece,White Cup, 450 ml

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Children love to own fancy things and this mug could be one in that collection. This ceramic mug looks very attractive with a panda made on it. It is just an attractive gift for a child in which he can enjoy his favorite flavored milk or juice. It has a lid that covers the mug preventing anything from falling into and keeping the drink safe. It also has a small spoon which makes it a great combo. It is compatible with the microwave which is an additional benefit of this gift.

13) Colour Kit

Shuban Professional Deluxe Art Set 180pcs Kids Artist Drawing Exclusive Set with Portable Wooden Case with New Cardboard Package

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If you see a hidden artist in your child then you must give them the opportunity to explore their hobby. This unique and creative color kit has amazingly vibrant colors covering a full range of colors. It has sketch pens, crayons, and watercolors so your child can choose which one to pick according to his mood and requirement. This is a meaningful gift for 12-year old boy.

14) LCD Writing Tablet

Newyes 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet-Can Be Used as Office Whiteboard Bulletin Board Kitchen Memo Notice Fridge Board Large Daily Planner Gifts for Kids (Pink)

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Children often scribble here and there to satisfy their quest for knowledge. This writing table is an amazing solution for the kids as they can scribble their thoughts and use this electronic tablet for learning new things. Just use the board as your paper and use the stylus as your pen. This is a paper-free method of learning which gives an important message of saving the environment by using an eco-friendly way.

15) Piggy Bank

Zest 4 Toyz Cartoon Printed Smart Electronic Password Protected Money Bank for Kids with Talking Function, Electronic Piggy Banks ,Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank for Children - Yellow

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Children should learn the importance of saving money. Making them habitual of saving money in a piggy bank is a great way to inculcate this habit. The piggy bank looks fancy as it has an attractive design of minions and to add to its features it is also password protected. It has an ATM-like feature by which you can withdraw money by putting the correct 3-digit password.

Since they are going to step into a teen world so the gifts should be interesting. These gifts are not just to play but will impart knowledge and learning which is important for them. As we all know that 12-year-old children might have a fondness that switches from one thing to another so giving them a valuable gift would be a great decision. Above are the gift suggestions for 12 year old boy that will help in choosing the best.

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