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Babies are very choosy when it comes to their food. They do not have taste buds developed to imbibe a variety of dishes. That is why a mom’s job is very crucial as they need to carry food along with them wherever they go. Now storing food and ensuring that it does not spill, leaks, and stays fresh can be a task.

Since children would sometimes like to have a feast of milk whereas sometimes they would like to have fruit. As a parent, you need to be sure that you are carrying it all. To ease this struggle here are the best baby food storage containers made with the best of quality and also look super cute. You can carry them along while travelling, shopping, or doing any outside activity.

15 Best Baby Food Storage Containers

Different and Unique Containers Loved by Kids

1) Multiportions Storage Tray

Beaba - Silicone Multiportion Tray with Airtight Lid for Baby Food Storage - Ideal Container for Freezing Vegetable and Fruit Purees - Oven and Microwave Safe - 6 Servings of 90ml Each - Paprika

If you want to carry a variety of food for your baby because you are unsure about what he/she would demand. You need a compact storage box that has compartments in which you can store all varieties. This is a spill-proof tray which is airtight so your food also remains fresh. You can also store food and keep it in the refrigerator. You can store multiple things with the help of this container.

2) Food Container

melii Animal Snack Containers with lids - Food Storage for Toddlers and Kids - Panda

This baby food storage pouches make sure you carry food without leaking it anywhere. The product comes with disposable pouches which you can easily dispose of after use. The child cap on the pouch makes it airtight and spill-proof. You can carry them while traveling long distances as well. The squeeze station that comes along is a great product by which you can get fresh puree anytime. Make sure your child gets everything healthy and nutritious with the help of this product.

3) Clip Food Storage

Beaba - 2nd Stage Clip Portions - Set of 6 (200 ml) - Baby Food and Snacks Storage Containers - Clippable and Stackable (Blue & Neon)

A portable container that can be used as a multi-purpose storage. This clip food storage can hold quantities up to 200ml. The best part about this item is it’s an airtight lid that keeps the items fresh in it. Pack a healthy snack for your kids in this clip of food jars on your travel trips. Since there are individual containers so you can pack a variety of snacks and they won’t mix or spill.

4) Multicolor Bowl Set

MEZON Cereal Bowls Wheat Straw Bowl and Spoon Dishwasher & Microwave Safe, BPA Free, Unbreakable Bowls for Kids Baby Children – Set of 4 (Multi Color)

Color pleases kids a lot and the vibrant spectrum of colors attract them as well. Carrying food for children can be messy and also risky if the bowl is not leakproof. This multicolor bowl set has ensured that nothing spills, leaks, or breaks. You can also use them to store snacks for kids and carry them while you are traveling. Along with the bowls, you also get 2 easy to use sleek spoons.

5) Unbreakable Dinner Set for Kids

MEZON Wheat Straw Divided Dinner Tray, Unbreakable Dinner Set for Kids Dinner Plates with Bowl Cup Fork Spoon Chopsticks Tableware Set Baby Dinning Set (Multicolor, Plastic)

If you have children you know how your bowels get broken and cracked. The best way to store food is to keep them in unbreakable containers. This is a great item that has many perks. If you want a messy free food storage bowl then this set is an ideal choice. It comes along with an unbreakable spoon so that your kid can enjoy his meal time. The bowl has a succer vacuum that keeps the food airtight to avoid any draining of food.

6) Snack Ball

Boon Snack Ball (Orange/Blue)

Attractive things make children more engaged in it. This snack ball looks funky and captivating especially if you store snacks for children in them. Children would love to eat from this jumbo ball that opens to give a healthy snack time. The material is safe to use for children so carry food without any worry. It is also a compact shaped container that you can carry along while outing.

7) Storage Box With Lid

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07SJFX5PZ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideas000 21&language=en IN

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This is a good quality storage box that you can use to store fruits or food packets. The design of the box looks great and also has pores that allow the air to pass through. Carry some milk powder pouch in them or some packaged food in these boxes to ensure they remain fresh. These can also be used as a multipurpose storage box so their utility is not limited.

8) Leak-Proof Stainless Steel Containers

Sumeet Stainless Steel Airtight & Leak Proof L&L Containers Set, Size 300ML -4Pc

Steel is the best material to store food as it does no harm and keeps the food fresh for a longer time. An absolutely leak-proof stainless steel container that is leak-proof and comes with a lid. You get 2 pieces of steel containers with quantities of 400ml each. The sleek design of the box makes it convenient to carry along with you. These specifications make this product the best food storage containers.

9) Insulated Food Jar

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00LMV9HCS&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideas000 21&language=en IN

ir?t=giftideas000 21&language=en IN&l=li3&o=31&a=B00LMV9HCS
An insulated jar that keeps the food or liquid warm for longer hours is an essential item for a kid. This is a cute looking jar that has the capability to keep the food warm or cold for almost 7 hours. The design on the surface makes it look more attractive for the children. It comes along with a spork so you don’t need to carry any additional things with this jar. It keeps your child’s food sorted and stores it in a good quality container.

10) Multi storage food containers

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07N8C9LPK&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideas000 21&language=en IN

Multiple storage travel-friendly containers are all you need for your child’s needs. The various compartments ensure you have room for all the good things your child likes to eat. The perk of this container is it is a budget-friendly and quality food container. It is a portable option you can carry on outings and picnics.

11) Rectangular glass food storage containers

Femora Borosilicate Rectangular Glass Food Storage Container With Air Vent Lid-Set Of 3 Pcs - (400ml, 620 ml, 1000 ml)

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These are multipurpose food storage containers made from borosilicate glass that justify the quality of the product. These containers are a boon as they are leak-proof, compatible with microwaves and freezers. The containers are easy to clean and safe to be used. The air vent lid on the top releases the excess of steam. You can close the lid as well to make it airtight.

12) Food Powder Dispenser Jar

Mini Baby 3 Layers Baby Food Storage Container Formula Container Baby Milk Powder Dispenser Baby Milk Powder Container with lids

This is one of the best food storage containers as they are transparent and have a lid on them. The lid ensures a clean pour of things from the container and the transparency helps in seeing how much quantity it can hold. It has 3 layers in which you can store different items. They won’t mix up with each other nor spill from the container. This is one of the best baby food storage containers for travel as they have a separate space for all good things.

13) 4 in 1 Mini Lunch Box

EMNDR Stainless Steel Leak Proof 4 Compartment Lunch Box Bento Box for Adults & Kids, Tiffin Box Reusable Microwave Freezer Safe Food Containers with Spoon for Adults and Kids (25*18*6.5 cm)

A multi-compartment lunch box is all you need if you have kids in your house. Their demands are never-ending and uncertain so you need to be prepared for every big small demand. These small compartments can be a blessing for you while you travel as you can carry a variety of them. These baby food storage boxes are heat resistant, cold tolerant, and leak proof. Apart from this you can also keep food in them and keep it in the microwave as well.

14) Toddler Snack Cup

Skip Hop Zoo Snack Cup

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A toddler would love to have a product like this. This is an attractive looking snack cup that you can hand over to your kid. The leak-proof lid will make sure that nothing spills from it. Children have the habit of munching so you can carry their treats and snacks in this stylish cup. There is a grip that makes it easy to

15) Stainless Steel Leak Proof Box

Dravizon Insulation Bento Boxes Stainless Steel Liner Lunch Containers for Kids, Leak Proof 4 Compartment Lunch Box, Tiffin Box Reusable Microwave Freezer Safe Food Containers

If you want everything good in one storage box then this stainless steel leak-proof box is an ideal thing you should buy. Invest your money in these boxes as they won’t break, wear, and tear for a long time. Since they are made of steel they come with the durability of a lifetime. The lid ensures that the food does not leak from the box. Also, the design is not a traditional one so it looks stylish and you can carry them along anywhere.

If going on vacation with your child was difficult before, stop worrying as it won’t be the same. Keep your kids happy by carrying their favorite food in these multipurpose, portable baby food storage containers. Choose the best product from the above list that matches your requirements.

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