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There is always an occasion waiting just around the corner which may be mom’s birthday, parents anniversary, friends marriage, or their anniversary or it might be a valentine occasion. These gifts are necessary only for the couples but one could always gift something to the first love and most important person of life “MOM” something on that particular day. Gifting is not what everyone has always been waiting for but the emotions with which the gifts are handed is what holds a much magnificent place to the individual who is being gifted. Today we will present you the top 10 gift items below 500 rupees which you can gift to your loved ones.

By giving a gift a strong relationship is build with them. Giving gifts to another person shows that you take care of them. So giving a gift to another person give a good feeling. We are come up with something gift items below 500 Rupees for which you can buy your relatives

Gift Items Below 500 Rupees


1) Engraved Wooden Photo Plaque
This is one of the best gift items below 500 rupees in this list

  • The engraved wooden photo plaque is fabricated out of genuine foreign lumber which is a stiff material along with the light particle design which is coloured in a soft pale glow. The photo which is going to be imprinted on the plaque will look quite fascinating as it will be laser engraved.

  • It could be included in one of the most considered and recommended birthday gifts as it comes in various sizes it is the either placed on the table or as a wall hanging which camouflages with house decoration

  • All one needs to do is to upload a picture that needs to be printed or engraved on the wooden plaque and you are good to go.

  • Rest will be taken care by us, just sit back and watch it gets done.

  • Apart from that before the product gets delivered to you, you could just have a look at the finished product so if there are any alterations that need to be taken care of could be done

  • This gift item is below 500 rs but looks way better than it’s price. That’s why it’s on the top of our list.

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Another best gift items under 500 Rupees

  • This gifting product is fabricated with a good quality black coloured card.

  • And it is sized 26*16cm along with the total number of pages counted to be is 30

  • However, the holding capacity relies completely on the photo size.

  • Could be used for various purposes like storing travel memories, baby growth, etc

  • This is a very subtle yet eye-catching gift around 500 rupees for friends as it is unbelievable how small-sized gifts could win hearts too.
  • As the love shack will help you in showcasing how much you love them if someone can’t put these things to words let your actions speak for you.
  • An ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries,
  • Now, this is something wonderful which could be gifted to the dear ones.

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  • The mentioned gift product is a quite personalized and one of a kind best gift product which serves almost all the occasions.

  • All one needs to do is just to select the photo that is to engraved on the crystal keychain and rest will be taken care of by the organization.

  • It is a fine piece of art that is molded into a highly personalized and gift item that cannot be forgotten.

  • A clixicle is a crazy custom printed picture or snap book but different from an album.

  • It is something out of the box which could be the best gift under 500 rupees and it is a price one can pay.

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  • The camera geek mug is a quiet eye-catching mug which serves as a dual purpose product.

  • It cd be used for morning tea/coffee sips and acts as a holder for a few cookies at simultaneously.

  • The realistic looking mug keeps the drink hot and appears as a real camera lens.

  • So, one could sip the morning coffee without the worry for holding the cookies or messing up the place or the desk.

  • The best gift for people who admire photography like anything.

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  • The absolutely suitable gift for the dear ones with the whole package

  • The gift set in total holds a table clock which is gold in colour, diamond crystal pen and a magnetic visiting card holder

  • Packed with a premium crocodile box so no need of packing the package again

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  • The frame has been produced from the genuine standard artificial lumber.

  • The photo sizes suitable are 3 – 5″ x 7″ inch and the outer frame size 8.75″ x 6.75″ inch

  • It is a set of 2+ photos.

  • It has the characteristic of camouflaging in the home interior which makes it the best online gift below 500 Rupees to present to someone which is fabricated with the most remarkable quality.

  • One of the best gifts within 500 for your friends who love to click photos. Add your friends photos in this photo frame.

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  • The tear of joy coffee mug is adorable while an amusing gift for the LMAO moments of life indicating unable to hold the tears of joy while one’s laughing

  • It is having a capacity for holding up to 350 ML of drink servings

  • Perfect for morning tea, coffee, or milk consumed at night

  • A variety of total 5 subtypes of emoji coffee mugs to snag upon

  • This gift will be keep reminding them of you everytime they have a coffee or tea.

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  • Last but not the least this is one of the best gifts around 500 rupees which you can give to your friends.
  • 2018 Photo Calendar designed with the memorable moments of your choice
  • Customize this gift with their photographs and give them a unique personalized gift. 😍
  • With the unique way of putting up the photos together according to the buyer wish for which photographs should be on which month

  • An ideal gift to suit occasions like birthday, anniversary wedding & marriages etc.

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Occasions come and occasions go, but an individual decides to gift only those who hold a special place close to their heart and so the above-mentioned gifts are the best that could be considered as a perfect gifting item to showcase the love and care one holds towards their close ones. So enjoy and present these gift item below 500 Rupees for your relatives

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