17 Best Expensive Gifts for Dads in India

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It is proved to be healthy to drink water from a copper bottle as it has many health benefits. So, this should definitely be a gift that you should give to your dad.

Milton Copper Bottle


Pocket Watch

This antique pocket watch is a good gift idea if your dad does not like wearing watches.


Apple Airtag 

This cool gadget called Airtag by Apple can help in tracking stolen or lost items with ease. If your dad tends to forget things a lot, this should be an ideal gift for him.


Bartender Kit

If your dad enjoys having a drink or two at home, this could be an amazing gift option for him. Helps in making super tasty cocktails. 



This is a helpful gift that you can give to your dad, and it will provide him with a smooth and seamless charging experience.

Wireless Charger

Leather Laptop  Messenger Bag

This could be a very useful gift for your dad as he can carry it every day to his workplace.


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Echo Dot

This can be a unique gift for your dad making his day-to-day tasks super simple and easy for him.


Premium Perfume Set

This premium perfume set with a body spray can be an amazing gift to your dad if he likes perfumes.


Kindle Paperwhite

Reading is one of the most amazing habits. If you want your dad to start reading books, this is what you should gift him.


Give your dad the most comfortable and snuggly sleep by gifting him this warm sherpa blanket.

Super-Soft Sherpa Blanket


Gift this amazing shaving kit to your dad if you want to help him be independent when it comes to grooming.

Shaving Kit


Polarized Sunglasses

These cool sunglasses could be a perfect gift for your dad if he travels a lot as it can protect him from the harsh sun rays.


Foot, Calf, and Leg Massager

Does your dad quite often complain about his legs hurting? If yes, then this would be the ideal gift for him.


Medium Brush Stroke

Saregama Carvaan Music Player

Gift this to your dad so that he can listen to some good old music and reminisce his good old days.


Fastrack Reflex Activity Tracker

Want your dad to become a little more conscious about his health? If yes, then this should be your go to gift for your dad.


This comfy portable chair can be the best gift for your dad providing him with utmost relaxation. He can either take a nap, read a newspaper or just sit and enjoy some music. 

Reclining Portable  Chair


Personalized Engraved Wooden Frame


This personalized gift for your dad on his birthday special is an incredible gift to be presented to him.

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